Monday, December 12, 2005

ready to move on


I am looking forward to working on my old projects once Christmas knitting is done. That little list in the right column is very handy.

Sorbet has been languishing so I am going to frog it and make a ballet wrap style sweater. Sorbet is gorgeous and very sexy, but how often will I wear it? The geometric scarf needs to be dealt with, too. When I put it down almost a year ago I was confused about the pattern, but I think I have been away from it long enough, and have some more knitting experience under my belt, that I will be able to finish it quickly.

The winter Knitty is up. There are always really creative and interesting projects, but many of them are things I wouldn't wear. But this season, there are a couple of things that are intriguing me.

Too many scarves maybe?

I bought this lovely yarn on sale many months ago but haven't found the right project for it. I am kind of afraid to use it because I have such high expectations. You know what I mean? I am thinking cardigan. I love this color green so I want to make something I can/will wear a lot. Cardigans are my favorite kind of sweater because you can unbutton to cool off or button-up to keep warm. And in my old age I don't like the pullovers so much.

I haven't updated you all on the dating scene. After coming on very strong, Chris is practically invisible. What gives? We are playing phone tag at the moment and I admit I am playing it cool. I don't want seem over eager. But I don't want him to think I am not interested. I left him a message on Sunday, returning his call, and haven't heard anything 2 days later. I would like to go out with him again. Hmmm. To call him or not to call him.

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