Thursday, May 25, 2006

Shut up, I can't hear

Damn Wisconsin Avenue traffic. Shut up, I can’t hear the blubbering fight going on in the building next door!

I just can’t understand why.

I didn't jeopardize...

I walked out

Snippets, I can’t make out more than a few words the woman is saying here and there …

I am not into kinky sex

Hey, this is getting good.

Vegas Baby

I am back from a business trip to Las Vegas. It was my first time to Sin City and it was fun for about 2 days and then I was ready to come home. I gambled my $100 away on the slot machines at the Bellagio, Paris, New York, Caesar’s, Wynn, the Flamingo. I was traveling alone which made it a little boring. I can see having fun going with a crowd of fun, outgoing people. I also went to see “O,” Cirque du Soleil’s show at the Bellagio which was amazing.

I am off to Austin, Texas, on Sunday. This is an annual business trip so I have gotten to know and like Austin. I will visit the Mediterranean place on Congress and Tesoro, the import store. I will be traveling w/my friend from work so that will make it more fun. We will look for some jazz one night and she hasn’t seen the bats yet.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Swatching always pays

I received my second package yesterday from my Secret Pal. Thank you! The highlight for me is the lace-weight yarn. Something I never would have bought myself. Now what to make… She also included some manly yarn to make socks for G. ;)

I swatched the Lipomo and I don’t think I like it for the the Ribbon X-back. The pattern calls for seed stitch which doesn’t really compliment this yarn. Straight knitting or stockinette will show the colors in the yarn better. But it will make for a cute tank top for the summer so I will search for the right pattern.

I am this close to finishing the second side of the Sunrise Circle Jacket. Cool. This picture shows the left sleeve and left front. The blog is filling up with pictures of FOs. They are so nice! Click on the button to check it out.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Inspired again

I can’t believe how off track I have become. I have let so many things slide. Like my knitting projects, the job search, keeping in touch with my friends, my blog. When my normal routine gets altered it really throws me off.

My job has been nutty over the past 6 weeks or so. But the annual meeting has come and gone so that stress and time-suck is over. And the new boy, G, has been around a lot. Not complaints there, but he is very active so knitting in front of the tube is not really an option at this point in the relationship.

I have returned to browsing my favorite one hundred or so knitting blogs, and THANK YOU. I am inspired again to get back some of my time and use it for knitting. had amazing yarn sales. I bought this (Schachenmayr Lipomo in dried lavender) to make another Ribbon X-Back. Here is my attempt from last summer. This v-neck will look great on any body and I remember it being a pretty quick knit.

G does appreciate my knitting hobby, however. He proposed us heading to a tennis tournament this summer in Florida. When he asked me what I thought, my only question was what is there for me to do.

"You can knit."

I died laughing, how cute is this man. But sorry, this girl can not knit for 2 and half days.

Here is a picture from the trek at Rose River in Virginia last weekend. Gorgeous place in the Shenendoah mountains.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Hinterlands

I am back from my week-long business trip and whirlwind weekend with G out in the hinterlands (read: Ashburn).


I brought the Sunrise Circle jacket on the business trip, fully thinking I would finish the left front on the long plane trip to the west coast and back. But no, I just wasn’t in the mood. And knowing that when I am not in the mood, I will make no progress because I will end up frogging half of what I have completed.

And I have to get my second package out to my secret pal in South Dakota. That means I will be getting something soon, too. Yay.

The Boy
I was anxious the whole week to get back home, probably because of G. Things are going really well with him.

We went hiking at the Rose River in Syria, Va., on Saturday. It was a good day, but he is much more of a dare devil than I am, jumping over rocks, swimming in the river, trying to cross the river (uh, no).

The trail wasn’t marked which was frustrating to me because I had never been there before. We wandered on and off the trail because it was hard to see. It probably gets cleared once a year, if that, and here were so many trees down. At about 4PM we completely lost the trail. The only thing that didn’t send me into a panic was that we had a few more hours of daylight. There was a horse trail up from where we were, how far we didn’t know. So up we went, through the thick woods and rocks and downed trees. Ugh. But not too much later we found the cleared trail (thank you St. Anthony!) and made our way down to the car.

It was a beautiful spot and the weather was perfect (I tried to post pics but blogger won't let me, I will try again another day). A good day all around.

Spending the weekend in the far suburbs was kind of interesting. It is so different than living in the city like the families and minivans and soccer fields. And there are new developments everywhere. I have read about it in the paper but really had no idea how extensive it is. It is all brand new.

Have You Seen This?