Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Swatching always pays

I received my second package yesterday from my Secret Pal. Thank you! The highlight for me is the lace-weight yarn. Something I never would have bought myself. Now what to make… She also included some manly yarn to make socks for G. ;)

I swatched the Lipomo and I don’t think I like it for the the Ribbon X-back. The pattern calls for seed stitch which doesn’t really compliment this yarn. Straight knitting or stockinette will show the colors in the yarn better. But it will make for a cute tank top for the summer so I will search for the right pattern.

I am this close to finishing the second side of the Sunrise Circle Jacket. Cool. This picture shows the left sleeve and left front. The blog is filling up with pictures of FOs. They are so nice! Click on the button to check it out.

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