Monday, March 27, 2006

Bad art in Bethesda

What is with the schlock hanging in so many of the art galleries in Bethesda?

On Sunday, Corey and I recreated the Friday night gallery walk in Bethesda, thanks to a handy postcard we came across in a kiosk. I was itching to get out on Sunday and he was game so off we went.

The day was fun, but the art was so disappointing. I shutter to even call it art. None of what we saw was original, in any way.

In one gallery there was an artist whose work consisted of recreations of great works (The Last Supper, for example), substituting martini decorations, like olives and lemon twists, for Jesus and John the Baptist. OMG.

It was embarrassing. And people buy this shit which makes me even more scared.

What is with oil paintings that are numbered like prints? Now I understand the ‘10/250’ means this is print number ten out of 250 created. But bad oil paintings are being churned out, too, a la Thomas Kincaide, was all I could figure.

There were a few galleries that weren’t open, like the Washington School of Photography that we will go back and see. And another one that was closed on Sunday and had a By Appointment Only sign in the window meaning, if you aren’t a serious collector, stay away. Hint taken.

During the trek through Bethesda we stopped for hot chocolate and got to sit-in on what looked like a second date. Its not like we were eavesdropping because it was all we could do not to hear them. After checking them both out, we gave it the thumbs-down. They just didn’t look like they went together.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunrise Circle Jacket progress

I have been working on the Sunrise Circle Jacket exclusively in order to get it done before July. I have posted on the KAL here.

So far this is fun to knit, the pattern looks long and complicated but it really isn't. Actually, having a pattern makes is go faster I think.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Ahh, the weekend is here. This is one of those Fridays where I sit on the couch and let go of a crazy week. It’s a feeling of relief that I don’t have to do anything tomorrow but what I want to do. What a great feeling!

Tonight I am working on the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I think I am going to work on this project exclusively so I get it done in a reasonable time. Translation: maybe I can wear it before it gets to warm.

And I am part of Secret Pal 8, put together through the Knitter’s Review list serv. This is going to be fun. I see so many of these posted on blogs I read, so now it’s my turn.

Last weekend I was going on and on about how great things with Chris were going.

(sound of brakes squealing)

This weekend, not so much.

I just don’t understand. I am dumbfounded, hurt, confused, angry, embarrassed, and pissed off. Last Friday we met for dinner. It went fine, had a nice time, showed him my place. Things were peachy.

Saturday we were supposed meet down on the Mall after my shift volunteering at the Smithsonian and go the American Indian Museum.

He never showed up. I called him when he was 20 minutes late, wondering what was going on, and his phone went right to voice mail. What the… I was stunned. I tried him a few more times over the weekend and every time his phone went right to voice mail.

Every scenario I could come up with was running through my head. I was convinced he got mugged after he left my place that Friday night. I have even been reading the obituaries this week! My friends convinced me to stop calling him after Sunday. They are totally right, but it has been hard. Not one word from him. He could have bowed out in an email or text message even. But I haven’t gotten on single word.

I just don’t get it.

But I guess I am better off knowing now what a toad he is rather than months from now.

On a completely hysterical note, Charles is back. In D.C. no less. He moved to St. Louis a few months ago, finally, after finishing the house he was fixing up. We had spoken a few times since his move. But Wed. he calls to tell me he could not find a job that paid enough in St. Louis so he is back at his old firm, working here.

My life is a sit-com. I envision these crazy scenarios unfolding on TV screens across the country. It’s not on my TV screen, though, because I am living it.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Wool? It's 70 degrees!

Here's the progress so far.

I am using Sierra Aran in Mulberry that I found on sale at for $3.00 a ball. The color is a little darker than I wanted but it is growing on me. And now that it is 70 degrees is D.C. I am also rethinking the wool.

Per usual, I am a little off in my rows already, but no worries. It all ends up working in the end. So far the pattern is easy to follow.

There are some great pictures on the blog st up for this piece, click on the button up top.

Friday, March 10, 2006

U-turn ahead

Dear readers, I have been holding out on you. The dating life has taken a major turn this week. Major.

Remember Chris, met back in December, went out a couple of times, had fun, then he disappeared? He then resurfaced in January, acting a bit aloof, which was getting annoying. All I wanted to know was ‘What do you want? Are we just going to talk on the phone occasionally for 5 to 10 minutes? Will we ever see each other?’ It was going nowhere.

I took my friend Sophie’s advice, don’t call him. Ever. Even in a moment of weakness. So I didn’t. (Except for last Thursday.)

Brrring-brrring on Tuesday afternoon.
It’s Chris, how are you, do you want to meet at Starbucks after work today, call me on my cell.

Brrring-brrring. Hi Chris, what’s up.

We have perfectly enjoyable conversation. Banter, wit are passed back and forth. And then I went for it. “So, do you want to meet for coffee in a few?” He wasn’t asking so I thought I would.

We met at Starbucks in Dupont Circle. You know, the triangular one. It was crowded so we sat outside because it was pretty nice. More enjoyable conversation, banter, wit. We talked about the black/white thing again, are we seeing anyone, do we have any prospects. Then moved to Books a Million because it was getting chilly.

The place was empty, perfect for the conversation getting more serious. Then Chris starts pouring his heart out to me. How much he likes me, how afraid of his feelings for me he was, how he was hoping I was dating someone when he got back in touch in Jan. so he could just not deal with his feelings and move on, how when you reach our ages (36 & 37) you know what you want in a mate, how he thought he had it together on his walk to Starbucks but when he saw me standing there reading the paper he lost it again. Yadda yadda yadda. Forgive the yaddas, but I can’t even remember half of what he said. Does that happen to you in intense situations?

Phew, I was overwhelmed. But in a good way. In a great way! All of this has been sinking in and we have talked a lot since and it is all really good.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

a thorough blast

My weekend in N.H. w/my college friends was a thorough blast. It was so much fun surprising them! Deb and I planned this trip back in February and she kept the secret, bless her. The great thing about this group of friends is that we pick up right where we leave off, regardless of how much time has passed since our last get together.

I really miss that living in D.C. I have a few friends here but nothing like my college buds. Maybe it’s the circumstance that we all met. Scared college freshman, no one knowing anyone else. We all had one thing in common: we were freshmen in college. It gets harder and harder as I get older to make and keep friends. Everyone is in their own world, myself included.

So it is so refreshing and energizing when I see the Simmons crowd. We hung around talking, drinking wine, eating a lot of cheese, a little shopping, made earrings. Great fun. Our next reunion is the annual trip to York Beach, Maine in early June. Everyone brings their kids and husbands so it is great fun.

They loved their scarves, wore them all weekend, which was very gratifying and they really appreciated that I made them. I was frantically knitting, trying to get them all done at the end of last week. I was weaving in ends an hour before I left for BWI! And I found out on Wed. night that another friend was driving up from Conn. on I cheated and gave her the spiral scarf I made for myself a few months ago. No worries, I will whip out another one.

I started the Sunrise Circle Jacket. As often happens with my knitting, I miss count rows, miss increases, yadda yadda so I think I am already a little off. But I will keep plowing through. The knit along is very helpful already with advice from people who have started the jacket and have worked out some kinks so the rest of us won’t struggle. Check it out. I haven't posted anything yet but will very soon.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Maybe I am not up to gift-knitting

Yikes. I am now in panic mode to finish the scarves for my friends before I leave on Friday morning.

This is similar to how I felt doing gift-knitting at Christmastime. I hit the wall last night when finishing up #3. I had some family drama to deal with last night so I was behind in the knitting I had planned. So I sped up the knit and purl rows, listening to the droan of the TV, waiting for the end of the row.

From top to bottom:

Lion Brand "Homespun"

I got a few rows of #4 done at the office today. But I had to go to Mass to get my ashes for Ash Wednesday. (Luckily boss is out today so I could sneak out.) That cut into precious knitting time, too. (Was that comment a sin?)

I found out about Sunrise Circle Jacket Knit Along so I joined. It’s not a true knitalong because every one is at a different point, but close enough. There is some good advice from people who have finished, an excellent benefit to group-knit. Now there’s much better chance of me completing it so I can wear it before summer. I will get started next week for sure.