Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Maybe I am not up to gift-knitting

Yikes. I am now in panic mode to finish the scarves for my friends before I leave on Friday morning.

This is similar to how I felt doing gift-knitting at Christmastime. I hit the wall last night when finishing up #3. I had some family drama to deal with last night so I was behind in the knitting I had planned. So I sped up the knit and purl rows, listening to the droan of the TV, waiting for the end of the row.

From top to bottom:

Lion Brand "Homespun"

I got a few rows of #4 done at the office today. But I had to go to Mass to get my ashes for Ash Wednesday. (Luckily boss is out today so I could sneak out.) That cut into precious knitting time, too. (Was that comment a sin?)

I found out about Sunrise Circle Jacket Knit Along so I joined. It’s not a true knitalong because every one is at a different point, but close enough. There is some good advice from people who have finished, an excellent benefit to group-knit. Now there’s much better chance of me completing it so I can wear it before summer. I will get started next week for sure.

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Lolly said...

Homespun's colors are so lovely - that Barrington always catches my eye. Great scarves!