Monday, February 27, 2006

Oh the mystery

Still chugging away at the spiral scarves for the girls. I leave for N.H. on Friday so I need to get them all done by Thursday night, but I am more than half-way there. I bring them wherever I go these days to get a few stitches in here and there.

I considered sitting in the kitchen and knitting during lunch at work today. I usually do it at my desk. I probably would have freaked out the co-workers. I have worked at my job for 6 years now and I love that my colleagues know so little about me. Anything I do that is a little different is cause for alarm. Oh the mystery.

I am not particularly fond of some of my colleagues. I have never bought into the fake family atmosphere that lingers. It gives me the creeps, actually. For example, we have parties if people are leaving, having a baby, getting married – I guess that covers the special occasions – that includes a collection for a gift, snacks, cake, the fiancĂ© or fiancĂ©e, some sort of presentation from the boss, you know the drill. They can be so painful because it seems so forced.

I finally put my foot down last month when I boycotted the getting-married party for a guy that I can’t stand. And I am feeling pretty good about it. I tend to have very strong principals.

I digress. This really is knitting content! Read on.

Corey and I went to Fast Eddie’s in Alexandria to get some dinner and play pool on Saturday night. I was wearing the bell-sleeve shrug that day (and I got 2 compliments earlier in the day!) and it was working for me. I didn’t know how comfortable it would be and if would I feel like something was missing, but it was fine, I am happy with it.

So I am innocently standing there, sucking at pool but having fun because Corey keeps hitting the 8-ball into the pocket, handing the win to me, when this very buzzed girl who was playing two tables down from us (we will call her Whale Tail) comes over and starts trying to unroll the back of the shrug to lay flat. Whale Tail mutters something like it has been driving her crazy all night, does her thing, and goes back to her table. It all happened in a matter of moments and was surreal. Even now, thinking about it, it was like a flash.

I guess I could have returned the favor and gone over the pulled up her jeans that flashed her thong everytime she bent over.

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Vajra said...

What an invasion. Technically, this was a battery. Although I have to admit I've asked people if I could tuck in the labels on their shirts. But I think what WT did was unexcusable.