Wednesday, February 22, 2006

knitting trance

Have you ever found yourself in a knitting trance? Must. get. this. done. If my condo was on fire I wouldn’t have budged from my spot on the couch last night. These spiral scarves I am making for my friends I am going to see in March might be the death of me.

I breezed through the first two which really surprised me. But they weren’t that twisty and looked a little skinny. I held them up with other one I made months ago and noticed that it weighed a lot more. So I finally admitted to myself that something was wrong.

I read the pattern, all 10 lines, a couple of more times and the light bulb turned on. Every stitch is a YO in the increase row. I misunderstood, thinking I was YOing, then knitting, then YOing, then knitting. But no, the YO is a stitch in and of itself, not part of a knit stitch.

Back to the beginning Sarah.

The bright side is I bought Homespun in a color (Sierra) that I would not have bought for myself and I really like it. There I go thinking outside of the box again.

This project is what is inducing yarn-trance. But it’s hard to watch triple-axels and Chad and Shani snipe at each other (come on ladies!) and knit at the same time. Kind of like watching a sub-titled foreign film. Impossible.

But for now I am back to the scarves…

However, when I am done, lookey what I bought, on SALE, for the Sunrise Circle Jacket.

Peruvian “Sierra Aran” in Mulberry, on sale at for $2.98 a ball. This is a deep purple with a slight heather so it's not totally flat. They have some really nice colors. I really like the orange in the picture, but it's really not my color.

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Jackie C. said...

Hey Sarah,
When you finally get rolling on the Sunrise Circle Jacket, come join the knitalong at! We'd love to have you!