Wednesday, August 30, 2006

But of course

Napoleon was the theme last night at Majestic Cafe on King Street in Old Town (Va.). Not the French guy, but the style of food. Ironically the waiter was French, as was the girl bussing the table and pouring water.

A vendor I do a lot of work with and have become chummy with took me out to dinner. I had this fabulous fried green tomato and goat cheese napoleon for dinner and almond napoleon with gingered peaches for dessert.

The food was so great. I don't care for southern food, but I do like the updated 'southern nouvelle' that is featured at Majestic. It's much lighter, less smoky, updated ingredients and flavors.

The kicker was the red velvet cake on the dessert menu and on display at the host’s station. None of us had a piece but it made us chuckle and remember the opossum-shaped cake from "Steel Magnolias." It looked pretty nasty, actually. Red cake is not appetizing.

Summer is almost over, even though the hot weather can stretch into October. While I enjoyed my summer, it wasn’t as big as I was hoping. I always have such great expectations for the summer, and I end up disappointed.

Is it all the hype that has lead me to unrealistic expectations?

Chapter 2006 is sooo right, summer TV sucks. There is nothing worth watching on, day after day. Over the weekend I watch season three of Sex and the City on DVD. Love that show. I laughed, cringed, snickered, but after 3 DVDs, I need a little space.

I know summer is ready to be over because I am back knitting wool. I can’t get enough of making scarves.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Vers le sud

I went to see “Heading South” yesterday evening at the Avalon. It was an interesting movie and I definitely have my opinions about it, so I guess that classifies it as a well-made film.

The depiction of the women interested me the most. They come across as so narrow-minded and self-centered. Legba, the focus of their desires, was what they, individually, needed him to be. They knew very little about his real life, outside of the tropical paradise they were in, but seemed to think they were in control.

When the movie first came out I didn’t think I would see it so I didn’t read anything about it, but now I am curious to read a review or a commentary. The soundtrack was very interesting, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Anybody see it?

(Back) On the Needles

After finishing the Geometric Scarf, and letting it sit around for a little while, I have decided I want it a little longer. I ripped out the part that kept me from finishing it, for more than a year, and I am going to add at least three inches. I am tall so I like a long scarf.

I started this crazy looking thing last week, and I have gotten so far I can’t rip it out now. I don’t love it, but it is interesting looking and will be a nice addition to the scarf collection in the middle of the winter. I bought this yarn a couple of years ago, on the Internet somewhere, for $1 a ball. It is Russian so I can’t tell you what it is, but I have a colleague at work who speaks and reads Russian so I will ask her for a translation. I know it is wool and this grass-green color is kind of funky.

Monday, August 21, 2006

People and their precious cars

I had a G-rated incident today in Glover Park. I parked, ran into the hardware store – I was there maybe 3 minutes – and when I came out a car had parked behind me, somewhat boxing me in. I cursed to myself, but no biggie, my Golf gets me into and out of very small spaces.

When I got in my car I noticed the driver of the Mitsubishi returning to her car, looking like she had forgotten something. My first instinct was to wait until she was gone again, but alas, I was starving and wanted to get home.

I put the car into R, back up very gingerly, put it in 1st and waited for the traffic to let me in. As I am sitting there, the chippy calls into my open window

You hit my car.

My reply, blood sugar dropping rapidly,

You’re in the city, get over it.

Now mind you, I felt no impact, and as a city-parker I am pretty attuned to bumping other cars to get in and out of parking spots. It happens all the time. I do it to other cars and they do it to me. Welcome to the big city. If you don’t like, don’t have a car.

If I had hit her car, it was probably my bumper leaning on hers. How much momentum can a person even get back-up about 5 inches. My God!!

I am getting your plate numbers.

Yeah, whatever sweetheart. Go back to Virginia, the land of parking lots, and stay there.

Never mind that she was parked illegally.

Sheesh. People and their precious cars. I will never get it. It’s a hunk of metal with four wheels.

Knitting (as promised!)

This is the Geometric Scarf (found in “Vogue Knitting Scarves”) I started about a year and a half ago. I got to the point where the horizontal rib started on the second half and froze. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. The pattern is very cryptic, and I was a very beginner knitter back then. So I put it away, knowing I would finish it one day.

Well that day was yesterday and I finished it today. I love the way it looks. The scarf has a nice stiffness to it and the yarn is great (Schoeller and Stahl “Limbo,” 100% superwash wool). It has a nice stretch and it is just bulky enough to make a warm scarf.

I have also started my holiday gift knitting with these socks. I bought this yarn on eBay a while back. The colors are great! Rich blues and greens.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I missed my calling

Have you ever noticed the music at the DSW in Bailey’s Crossroads? It’s really great 80s music. It’s like the soundtrack from high school: the Jam, Cyndi Lauper, Depeche Mode, Cure, the Smiths. I must be their demographic, although 90% of their shoes I wouldn’t or couldn’t wear. I did find a pair of sneakers, though, just what I was looking for.

At lunch last week I went over to The Phillips Collection to see the Paul Klee exhibit. I have never been much of a fan of Klee's work, but now that I am a card-carrying-member of the Phillips I feel an obligation to see all of their exhibits to get my money's worth. A trip to the Phillips is always worthwhile. If you don't like the special exhibition, you can always find some great pieces wandering around. Like the two Van Gogh's I saw. Gorgeous!

I am in the middle of home-repair drama. One issue is replacing the light fixture in the kitchen. I was at the Home Despot three times last week. But I think I have it figured out. Wednesday I am making tacos and Corey’s coming over to help one last time. He’s such a dear friend, he came over late one night last week in my time of need. That &*(%$ fixture!

The other is the new fridge that is not working right. Don’t get me started.

Believe it or not, I AM knitting. And have some stuff to share next time. I am on a roll.

Nothing to report on the front.

Nothing at all.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I blame the endorphins

In a moment of weakness, I rejoined today. I so did not want to do it, but after a long walk around NW and the National Zoo this beautiful day, my endorphins were pumping and I caved.

(Or maybe it was the Flying Dog, on my empty stomach.)

There are many things I want to do, but don’t want to do them alone, so I don’t know why I am being coy about meeting new people online. Match is my old stand-by, a place I know I will meet decent men to go out with and do things.

To add to my torture, I read G’s profile which he has rewritten and is total BS. I have to give him credit, he is an excellent writer. I used to love reading his email, it was so eloquent without being gushy.

Anyway, his profile goes on and on about how 2 people can like different things but still make a connection. He is paraphrasing me! He broke up w/me because he didn’t think we had enough in common!! OMG

My stance with him was that when 2 people come together they share their interests. It is one way to get to know another person. How boring would it be to date someone who does the exact same activities as you? He was like, ‘my free time is precious and I want to do the things I want to do.’ Sheesh. What is up w/that?

I don’t have any bad feelings toward him at all. But it is still painful to see an ex back up on Repeating my sentiments.

Sniffle. I miss him. I had fun with him.

Chakra this

This weekend I took an energy medicine class at Spiral Flight yoga studio. It was about opening up the 2nd chakra. I am really curious about the chakras so I was excited to see their series of workshops on each of the 7 chakras. I got so much out of the class and felt great after.

This is my first experience in new agey stuff outside of my regular yoga class. As I expected, there were a few characters in the class. Translation: people who share WAY too much and have much looser boundaries than me.

In my 5+ years doing yoga, I have learned to avoid people who have weird energy and sit clear across the room from them. That is usually all it takes for me to block them out. But this one pair, A and L, were too freaking much. I immediately sensed her so I stayed clear and tried my best to be nonjudgmental. But I can only take so much weirdness!!

She was bossing H around as we were setting up. “Get me some mats. I need a blanket. I need a pillow. Orange if there is one.”

Ugh. L was so accommodating. And she talked to him in this loud, authoritative, do-it-now voice that was heard by everyone. It’s a tranquil, yoga studio for cripes sakes.

Her intention (we all had to make one) for the class was to create healthy boundaries, one of the many facets of the 2nd chakra. But it is such a freaking cliché. And what about her boundaries with poor, mealy-mouthed L? The irony.

And the cherry on top was that she is studying to be an energy medicine practitioner!!

Good luck with that.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Have you noticed how big the toothpaste aisle has gotten? What gives.

Practically all of the toothpaste is now "whitening." It's a bunch of lies, people. My dentist told me it will not do anything to make your teeth whiter and a dental hygienist-friend of mine told me that over time, it damages the enamel on your teeth. To that end, I don't use them because they make my teeth sensitive and quite frankly, my teeth are white enough!

But what really ticks me off is that Crest doesn't make my tartar control gel anymore and my dental health is being affected. I went for my bi-annual cleaning yesterday and the hygienist was scratching away much long and harder than she ever has before. Even she commented because my cleanings are usually so easy! I swear the culprit is the toothpaste. Now I am stuck using Colgate of some kind or another.

Have you tried the new flavors? Toothpaste is supposed to me MINTY people! Not vanilla or rocky road or key lime.

Case in point. Last year I was dating this guy and once in a while I was brushing my teeth at his place. Every time I was in his bathroom, brushing, I would start gagging. At first I thought it was all the stubble in the sink, grossing me out. It took a few days for me to realize it was the vanilla-mint toothpaste.

Good thing I had my yoga class tonight to calm my nerves and get centered.

I am being tempted to get back on (G broke up w/me a few weeks back, declaring that we did not have enough in common. Whatever!).

Talk me down, people! But I have found it is the best, most consistent way to meet people.

Now the quality of the people varies, and it takes so much energy.

I think I just talked myself out of it.

Thank goodness for yoga!


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Don't watch the Ironman if you have PMS

Don’t watch the Ironman if you have PMS.

Or any other time of the month. It will make you cry.

Not the stories of the triatheletes who train year after year, but the stories of the regular people who are searching for something big. Like the guy I saw profiled today. He’s 34, a little younger than me, and has ALS (Lou Gerig’s disease). I marvel at people like him who are so driven. Slowly his body is stopping and someday very soon he will be dead from the disease. To know what is going to happen to your physical body must be hard to handle. Control-freak me wouldn’t handle it well. Maybe that’s why I get so emotional.

I don’t watch that home makeover show either, because every time I have watched it I become a blubbering ball of tears. It’s kind of funny, actually.

It’s not the heat…

I finally go outside today after the heat wave. I blame the media for hyping it all up.

Don’t go outside, it’s blistering!

On Friday, everyone in my office had such a long face. Cabin fever had set in.

It’s summer, in Washington, DC for cripes sakes.

Yes, reminding people not to leave their dogs and kids unattended in the car is important. But constantly reminding us all how HOT it is just makes it worse.

I fell under the spell, too. I was climbing the walls.

This morning I walked to the farm stand at the Sheridan School in NW. They (New Morning Farm I think) have such beautiful stuff. I didn’t go crazy because I have my weekly share of vegetables and flowers from my CSA. I did add to my pile of potatoes, though. I couldn’t resist the purple ones! And the gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. And the corn on the cob.

I roasted some garlic today and spread it on bread. There is nothing like fresh-picked garlic. Try it if you ever have the chance. It has a mild, smooth flavor that permeates but doesn’t over power. I have tons of it now, after getting some every week for the past month. The farmer suggested peeling it, putting in a jar, covering it with olive oil and storing in the fridge.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

And no trans fats!

I have never been a fan of flavored potato chips, until yesterday.

I was in a lunch meeting and among the choices of Kettle Chips was Spicy Thai. OMG. Dee-lish. Satisfied my PMS-induced craving for salt and they taste great. So much flavor, particularly lemon grass, and a little spice.

And no trans fats!


Yup, still knitting, believe it or not. The body of the Ribbon X-back seemed to take forever. I think it is the seed stitch. Knit, purl, knit, purl. It takes time and patience when you realize you messed up along the way and at some point must catch up with the errant knit knit or purl purl.

Thankfully I have now started on the upper front and straps. It is nice to have to read the pattern for a change of pace.

I guess I should try this on at some point, too...

I wore ChicKami the other day for the first time. It looked great until gravity set in and the stitches in the straps started dropping causing the top to sag. Yikes. It's an easy fix, though, I have to shorten the straps by an inch or so. So it goes. Everything I make gets a little longer as I wear it and the stitches open up a little.

Christmas knitting is on my list of things to plan. Any started yet?