Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I am staying home tonight. I was invited to a nice dinner party but decided I wanted to stay home and watch movies or something.

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? I usually do, but keep them positive. I am all about self-improvement. I need to do some reflecting on what I want to work on this year. Maybe tonight while watching “Napoleon Dynamite.”

Here is a swatch of the Katia “Nepal” I bought yesterday. I love it! The receipt calls it Fuchsia and Pistachio which captures the colors perfectly.

Dating…or Craigslist Strikes Again
A couple of weeks ago I was bored and feeling like dating again so responded to a few ads on Craigslist, one of them being Angelo. His two sentence reply included a picture but little else. Then I went home for Christmas and it sort of lost momentum (read: I lost interest). Angelo didn’t tell me very much about himself so I didn’t really feel like meeting him after all. So I did the polite thing and told him that I wasn’t really interested in pursuing it any further, I am busy, blah blah blah.

This morning there was a message from him in my inbox. Should I open it or not? Could be a polite, thanks, have a nice life, or not.

It was the latter.

The gist of the message was that at my age I have to take what I can get, thanks for wasting my time. (I did everything in my power not to flame him. Something about stooping to his level. In the end, I am glad I didn’t respond to the weak ass.)

At my age?? No, Angelo, I will not be taking what I can get. I have a great life and I hope someone comes along that fits into it. If not, I will be fine.

With that attitude you will be getting what you can take. And she will take and take and take when she smells desperation.

I never learn my lesson. When I do the initial responding it NEVER works. I have an uncanny ability to pick the losers.

Velvet posts the pictures of her dating entourage. It sure is tempting… is kind of vanilla, but after the last few guys on Craigslist, make it two scoops with jimmies.

Friday, December 30, 2005

half-priced holiday candy


I am ready to totally frog the geometric scarf because it is driving me nuts. How worth it is another scarf? My problem is I can’t figure out the last part of the pattern. I started this project about 10 months ago and put it away because of my frustration.

I figured I had a lot more knitting experience under my belt now so I picked it up again. I think it’s the way the pattern is written. It’s like a word problem in 5th grade math.

I bought this very cool looking yarn at AC Moore today. It’s Katia “Nepal.”

I need to do some swatching but I think I am going to use if for this. I love the sleeves.

I have a date on New Year’s Day. Starting the year off right! I met Greg on match. He seems nice, we had a good phone conversation yesterday. I am not sure he is my type, but I am looking forward to sushi with him on Sunday in Old Town.

I am approaching dating in a new way in 2006. I tend to give everyone a chance, even the ones that probably don’t need one. I guess I want everyone to like me. But the is totally unrealistic and kind of ridiculous. Like my knitting, I am going to be honest with myself and realistic.

And I have slowly realized that I judge people based on superficial things a lot of the time. I say I don’t, but I really do. Not easy to admit. My biggest hang-up, in life, is doing things to please other people, even total strangers! But every day, since my early 20s when I first realized this, I remind myself amnd try to change it to a more positive character trait.

Henry is slowly creeping back and I am getting curious why. We have the same birthday so I got a message from him, and then another Merry Christmas email, and then today a message wishing me a Happy New Year. We met on match a couple of years ago but it sort of fizzled. I really liked him and it took me a loooong time to get over it. He is the one who taught me that people don’t change, a very import lesson. So I am apprehensive about him suddenly emailing me. We haven’t spoken in many months and he has a girlfriend. The last communication we had I gave it to him straight about his behavior (always canceling plans at the last minute, 3-4-5 times in a row) and I thought that would be the end of it completely. I guess not.

Chris, the guy I met the night the perv was trying to look up my skirt, has vanished. What gives? You can’t call, email, text that you don’t want to go out again? Is treating people like adults such a foreign concept?

About a week ago I get this cryptic text message from him (sent at 5:40AM) after a day of phone tag: Feeling overwhelmed.

It has taken a few days for me to realize that he wasn’t referring to work…

Craigslist-guys tend to be a little sketchy. I guess there is so little buy-in to participate in online dating that they feel like they don’t take it too seriously.

I called Charles to wish him a Merry Christmas but never heard back from him. I really miss him but he is all wrong. I can hear my friend Sophie telling me, “Why do you get involved with men who are unavailable to you?”

So screw you all, I am going to sit home with my half-priced mini Milky Ways and be happy!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I survived my trip home to Rhode Island for Christmas. My mother and I didn’t have our knock-down drag-out fight, either. Breakthrough?

All in all, the trip home was nice. I saw my friends Paige and Karen that I have known since childhood. Got my fill of cable TV. Saw my younger brother Ted and my nieces and nephew.

Do you watch this show “Laguna Beach” on MTV? It’s a trip. I am a child of “Beverly Hills 90210” (I also love the “O.C.”) so this show fits right in. I first saw “Laguna Beach” over the summer and was hooked. I didn’t realize that it was real people until much later. Hard to believe those high school kids are real. So I got all caught up this week. One question: what is up with Deiter’s eyebrows? It looks like he trying to emulate those freakish Gotti brothers.

Speaking of “real,” I tried to watch “Sweet 16,” but was so sickened by the whole thing I couldn’t watch for more than 5 minutes. I can watch fake rich people spending their money on ridiculous things but not real ones.

My father’s scarf was a hit, but I totally forgot to take a picture! This is my best shot, him modelling. It was down to the wire to finish. I used my time in the airport exclusively to knitting. That evening and following morning I wove in the ends, and there were about a million of them. Then I washed and blocked it and it took freaking forever to dry. I ended up putting in the dryer for a few minutes at a time on Christmas morning. Yikes.

My mother liked her socks, too. At first she didn’t make the connection that I made them.

I have had a nice break from knitting so I am ready to take stock this week of what is still lingering and think about some new projects. I would really like to finish any loose ends before starting anything new. I am on vacation the rest of the week, yay.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas everyone

I don’t know whether to be flattered or offended. I was excerpted on this (stinking) Yankee blog:

I have one word for the Yankees. Karma.

It dawned on me today that I leave tomorrow to my parents for Christmas and I haven’t finished knitting my father’s scarf, never mind weaving in the ends and washing and blocking it! What planet have I been on?

On an unrelated note, Grumperina asked:

A year ago I would have added that a large number of
my friends don’t even know I knit, but it’s too late for that – I think everyone
knows by now. How about you? Who knows about your knitting and your knitting
blog, and what are your reasons for revealing (or not) its existence to
these folks? Don’t just leave me a comment – rather consider this a meme and
answer on your own blog ;).

People are slowly learning that I knit. I don't keep it a secret, it just doesn't come up in conversation. Nobody knows about my blog. I write about non-knitting things that I don't want some people reading. If my content was all-knitting-all-the-time it wouldn't be an issue It’s kind of funny. I share things with perfect strangers that I won’t share w/the people I know. I guess that sums up my personality.

I am off to the computer-free zone so Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

enough with the food

I can’t fight it any longer. It has been week after week of parties, cakes, pies, cookies, popcorn, candy, English muffins and crumpets, chocolates. My body only wants crap so crap it will get.

Dinner. (Great news Washingtonians, World Market opened in Friendship Heights! I love that place, especially the food.)
I know that I will get back on the wagon after the New Year. My body can only take so much bad food and then I crave broccoli and salad.

I am also licking my wounds. Johnny Damon has gone to the dark side. This is very hard to accept. For a mere $3 million more a year than the Red Sox were offering. So I don’t think it was money. I feel cheated on. He is already calling that team “we.”

Sniffle. I am sure going to miss the beard and Jesus-hair. Steinbrenner doesn't allow any freedom of expression. Snip snip.

But we will get ours. I can't wait for the booos to rain down on Johnny when he plays the Red Sox at Fenway Park this year. Roger Clemens is breathing a sign of relief.

Other Entertainment
Have you ever perused the Rants & Raves section of Craigslist? I do it a few times a year and get my fill but it is very entertaining. Especially on a slow day at work.


Here’s the progress on Dad’s scarf. I really like how the stripes are coming together. This yarn feels really warm, too.

I just hope the black doesn’t scare him.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Social Graces

Looky what I got today:

My socks from the Holiday Knits Sox Exchange. Thanks Anastacia! I love them. (Do you have a blog?) The color is great (she hand-dyed them with Easter egg coloring). How fun. She also stuffed the toes with blueberry tea and hot chocolate.

I needed the boost after a ridiculous day w/my troll colleagues. I don’t give my mother enough credit for teaching me social graces. Thank you Mom!

We had our department lunch today at Corduroy. We also revealed our Secret Santa so it’s fun outing and we get gifts.

Our boss had to leave sort of quickly because she had a meeting she had forgotten about so she paid the bill before departing. After she left I mentioned what had transpired and they all played dumb. How could you miss Norma asking for the bill, whipping out her credit card, and paying? I suggested that we not just assume that Norma would foot the bill and that we should pay for our part and offer her the money when we got back to the office. Everyone practically got their calculators out to figure what they owed. It reminded me of my college days when money was particularly tight and we did in fact pull out the calculator and run down the bill to see what you got? That’s what it felt like. What the f*ck? Pay up!

Picture me squirming, doing everything in my power not to read the these cheap sons of b*tches all the riot act. It so pissed me off.

When it was all said and done we had collected $100 for a $240 bill. With $40 of that being mine, that means that 4 people left $15. For a first course, lunch, soft-drinks, dessert, and coffee. That left Norma’s share and one other person who was still holding onto the hope that Norma would pay, like she has done in the past, at $140 for 2 people. Do the math girls.

I was so furious and disappointed. Over the past many years now, my friends and I just split the bill by how many people are there. It all evens out, it makes life easier, and doesn’t leave that awkward moment when everyone has to chip in a few dollars more because some cheap ass didn’t pay their fair share.

We all had a say in what restaurant we went to. We all knew the price range and we all agreed. If money is so tight, why didn’t we go to a less expensive place?

In the end, Norma paid, thank you Norma. But the whole incident left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Happy birthday to me

The b'day weekend

My birthday came and went with little fanfare. Some years I do it big, others I keep it low key. Because it's so close to Christmas it takes a little extra planning. I wasn't feeling this year.

Corey and I went to the holiday market in downtown DC. It was featured in the Post last week so I was really psyched. But it was kind of a dud. Most of the booths were empty, although many of the artists and vendors there were really good. There was some interesting glass jewelry, and some knitters.

There was a guy selling felted bags so I explained to Corey how felting was done. The guy, a**hole that he was, was with a customer but piped up that his felt wasn't made in a washing machine, it was made inTibet. Whatever! So it was made in a sink with hot water and a box grater. (I don't have access to a washing machine to felt, either, buddy.) He must use that line with yuppies so you can charge them hundreds of $$$.

There were some kids from Joy of Motion performing which was cute. But all in all, I was disappointed.

We ate pizza a Matchbox because I have been wanting to go there since it opened. Nice atmosphere, the pizza was good, the people watching even better. They played good music, too, nothing like the cheesy stuff on the web site.

And then we went to see "Walk the Line" which I really liked. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon have great chemistry which is so important for a love story. So often the actors don't zing and the story is totally unbelievable.

Holiday Partying
We had out office holiday party Friday at Maggianos. It was a fun time, it always is. This year there was karaoke so my department sang (if you can call it that) "Santa Baby." We had fun with it, props, hip-shaking, the whole bit. We won our category! But I am not quitting my day job.

After a few drinks and a belly-full of Italian food, some people really let their hair down. It was hysterical.

Oh yeah, knitting
Here's the progress on my father's scarf. I am going with an 8x4 rib to keep it flat. This shouldn't take too long. I am psyched to see how the stripes come out. I used the Random Stripe Generator. It is so much fun to play with!

Monday, December 12, 2005

ready to move on


I am looking forward to working on my old projects once Christmas knitting is done. That little list in the right column is very handy.

Sorbet has been languishing so I am going to frog it and make a ballet wrap style sweater. Sorbet is gorgeous and very sexy, but how often will I wear it? The geometric scarf needs to be dealt with, too. When I put it down almost a year ago I was confused about the pattern, but I think I have been away from it long enough, and have some more knitting experience under my belt, that I will be able to finish it quickly.

The winter Knitty is up. There are always really creative and interesting projects, but many of them are things I wouldn't wear. But this season, there are a couple of things that are intriguing me.

Too many scarves maybe?

I bought this lovely yarn on sale many months ago but haven't found the right project for it. I am kind of afraid to use it because I have such high expectations. You know what I mean? I am thinking cardigan. I love this color green so I want to make something I can/will wear a lot. Cardigans are my favorite kind of sweater because you can unbutton to cool off or button-up to keep warm. And in my old age I don't like the pullovers so much.

I haven't updated you all on the dating scene. After coming on very strong, Chris is practically invisible. What gives? We are playing phone tag at the moment and I admit I am playing it cool. I don't want seem over eager. But I don't want him to think I am not interested. I left him a message on Sunday, returning his call, and haven't heard anything 2 days later. I would like to go out with him again. Hmmm. To call him or not to call him.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I don't know if Lolly cares anymore, but I finished my Socktoberfest socks. Here they are.

A Christmas gift for my mother. This yarn softened up considerably after I washed them.

My sock buddy, Deirdre (at Knitter from Keene), will probably have her socks very soon, so I think it's safe to advertise that I finished the Holiday Knits Sox Exchange. This yarn is really nice (Knit Picks "Sock Landscape") to knit. It is merino wool, and super soft, I thought it was cotton. And the colors are beautiful. This is a color scheme I wouldn't have picked for myself so I am glad Deirdre mentioned her favorite colors. My only worry is that they won't fit her. I am still figuring out sizing in sock-knitting.

My father's scarf is all that remains for Christmas knitting. I made the mistake of using stockinette for his scarf so it is curling. I have to rip it out and either rib it or use a border to keep it flat. I really like the look of garter stitch (it will lie flat) but I think it's too girly for my dad.

Dad's Scarf


I started my father's scarf after actually doing some calculations for the width and length. This is new territory for me. Knitable (downloaded on my PDA) has this conversion feature that will calculate how much yarn will be needed for your project once you enter the gauge, number of rows per inch, the finished size, and needle size. I just hope I have enough of the cranberry yarn.

I also used the Random Stripe Generator, a very cool tool for making interesting stripes.

This yarn, Panache from Knit Picks, is soft and will knit quickly. It feels really warm which will be good because my father lives in Rhode Island where they just got a foot of snow. That's a lot even for them! So glad I don't live there anymore.

I know he will like it. I just hope he wears it. He is very easy to gift because he is so grateful for presents. Sometimes at Christmas he wants to wait to open some of his gifts on the 26th. My mother won't let him, though.

The B'day

I went for a massage at Cleveland Park Day Spa on Saturday. I treated myself to start celebrating my impending birthday. It was great, deep tissue, and boy did she go deep. I am sore today in my shoulders but it feels great. I hope to go for massage quarterly in 2006. It is so good for you, even if it's just a relaxation massage. I need to see it as a wellness activity, not a splurge.

Vegas Baby
Remember the drama surrounding the trip I hope to make to Las Vegas in January? Well my friend who I hope to travel with called me on Friday, but did not leave a message. What's up with that?

The last we communicated was email at least 2 weeks ago. So I guess I need to call him and at least clear the air. I went for a beer with my colleague who is planning the trip and he was getting me all excited about it again.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Toe Graft

Look at all these socks in need of toes.

The first toe was holey, had to re-do. But now that I have done 4 toes in a row I feel like a master! Thank goodness for Knitting at KNoon - Knitting Videos to help me with kitchener stitch. Thank you Chris!

Now I have finished 2 pairs of socks, except for weaving ends and washing. What a great feeling.

Next stop, Dad’s scarf.

Holiday Angst
I had lunch with one of my print vendors today. We were talking about holiday stress and I mentioned my total lack of enthusiasm to decorate. He confessed that he dragged the Christmas decs from the attic 2 weeks ago and they are still sitting there. I laughed but felt better that it’s not just me. I wonder if it is because we start seeing Christmas decorations in late October and by now we are, possibly subconsciously, sick of them.

Even my brother and his family weren’t all excited to decorate the tree. It was the highlight of December when I was a kid. We had this awful, artificial tree for years, that would get dragged up from the basement. The tangled lights were inevitable start a fight, but it looked so restive and happy when we were done. But I really think I am going to leave the decorations where they are. Maybe a couple of poinsettias. They are always so pretty and scream Christmas.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Charlie Brown is on tonight


DC Blogs featured my run-in at Books-a-Million. How cool is that? Sure made me laugh. While I was there I found info about DC's First Outdoor Holiday Festival featuring artists and a tree sale. So Corey and I are going on my birthday.

What is not making me laugh and celebrate is condo-ownership. This is when I need a husband to help with these matters. For the past couple of days I have had a strong chemical smell, like charcoal lighter fluid, in the kitchen/livingroom region of my 600-square-feet of home. Very annoying, very distressing because is seemed to be coming from the gas oven. But it definitely was not gas. I opened the windows and hoped it would pass thinking someone was doing work in their unit. But for 2 days it wasn’t passing.

I will spare you all the long, ridiculous story. I think I have solved the problem (carbon build up in my stove top and oven) but you see why I need a husband. Who is going to help me figure out what to do in these situations? I am tired of doing everything all by myself. It’s draining.

On top of all this, the pilot light in the oven is out and I can’t relight it. I hope the oven isn’t kaput. I don’t want to spend $800+ on a new oven if I don’t have to. My current oven, while terribly un-yuppy, was working perfectly.

So I haven’t been knitting much over the past couple of days.

The bright side of this is the Charlie Brown’s Christmas is on tonight. Take the quiz here!

Let it Snow
It’s snowed in DC last night. It looks so pretty. Very Christmassy. But not enough for a snow day. Boooo! The panic that any amount of snow brings to the DC metro area cracks me up. I grew up in Rhode Island where it snows a lot, so it’s not really a big deal there until it gets up to 6+ inches. But DC, Maryland, and Virginia just don’t know what to do with anything more than a couple of inches.

Chris and I went out again Sunday night and had a really nice time. We went down to the harbor in Georgetown to see the decorated boats. It was fun, I have always wanted to go. It was hard to take pictures but I thought I would share one anyway.

And then we ate at Bangkok Joe’s. Great food (if you like Thai), warm ambience, I highly recommend.

The awkwardness of last Wednesday was gone thankfully. He even said something about it, so I know I am not making things up in my head. He is very easy to talk to, tall, good looking, cultured, has table manners. A good guy all around.

Friday, December 02, 2005

It's winter

My mother’s socks are done! Except for the toes which I will do when I finish the Holiday Knit

Sock Exchange. Toes are kind of a pain so I will do all 4 at the same time.

I did some shopping at the Loft this evening and one of the women who works there was oooing and ahhhing over my hydrangea scarf, saying that is looked so warm as she tried it on. She’s right, it’s great. And no wool, not scratchy! It was a really nice compliment.

Dating and other chance encounters
I met Chris on Wednesday evening, at Starbucks. This is the guy I found on Craigslist. After having a couple of really good phone conversations, the face-to-face fell flat. It could have been the crowded Starbucks, or the fact that I am the first white woman he has pursued romantically, or that I was still flustered from my encounter with the pervert at Books a Million who was trying to look up my skirt.

Yes, you heard right my friends.

I first noticed him when I was looking at the new books in the front of the store. But I didn’t really pay any attention. I then walked to the knitting books towards the back of the store and I noticed someone around but I again didn’t think much of it. But then I realized it was a man looking in the craft section. Trying not to be judgmental, I brushed it off. Then I noticed he really wasn’t looking at the books on the lowest shelf, just pretending to which I found odd. And then I slowly realized that he was craning his head to look up my skirt. I was so flustered I didn’t know what to do. I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible, not know what his reaction would be. I closed my long coat around me and walked to the next aisle where there were other customers as he walked away. I haven’t had an incident like that in a long time. How long was he following me around the store and I didn’t even notice? Then I was afraid he was going to follow me outside so I walked around the store and didn’t see him. As I was leaving I noticed the security guard but at that point it seemed useless. Horrifying. This whole thing has made me realize that I am not as aware of what is going on around me as I used to be. I guess I am comfortable in my work-neighborhood so I don’t think that there are bad people around. I don’t live in total paranoia, but as a woman in a city, we have to be aware. Maybe that’s the silver lining to all of this.

So unfortunately I was a little flustered when I met Chris across the street at Starbucks. BTW, have you tried the Gingerbread Latte yet? Dee-lish. Tastes just like gingerbread.

Over the past couple of days I have been wondering if he would call, feeling kind of disappointed. (Yes, I did email him yesterday, but I have sixth sense about these things.) But when I got home this evening there was a message. I am glad. I like to go out with someone at least twice before I give them the axe. Kidding! The first date is not a good indication because everyone is on their best behavior.

I am watching “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” tonight. Rudolph was on this past week and Charlie Brown is on Tuesday. The Grinch will round out my holiday TV shows and I will be ready for Christmas. I will sneak in “Bad Santa” for flavor!

Now get back to your holiday knitting!