Wednesday, December 21, 2005

enough with the food

I can’t fight it any longer. It has been week after week of parties, cakes, pies, cookies, popcorn, candy, English muffins and crumpets, chocolates. My body only wants crap so crap it will get.

Dinner. (Great news Washingtonians, World Market opened in Friendship Heights! I love that place, especially the food.)
I know that I will get back on the wagon after the New Year. My body can only take so much bad food and then I crave broccoli and salad.

I am also licking my wounds. Johnny Damon has gone to the dark side. This is very hard to accept. For a mere $3 million more a year than the Red Sox were offering. So I don’t think it was money. I feel cheated on. He is already calling that team “we.”

Sniffle. I am sure going to miss the beard and Jesus-hair. Steinbrenner doesn't allow any freedom of expression. Snip snip.

But we will get ours. I can't wait for the booos to rain down on Johnny when he plays the Red Sox at Fenway Park this year. Roger Clemens is breathing a sign of relief.

Other Entertainment
Have you ever perused the Rants & Raves section of Craigslist? I do it a few times a year and get my fill but it is very entertaining. Especially on a slow day at work.


Here’s the progress on Dad’s scarf. I really like how the stripes are coming together. This yarn feels really warm, too.

I just hope the black doesn’t scare him.

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Lolly said...

haha - the black won't scare him! it looks great!