Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Toe Graft

Look at all these socks in need of toes.

The first toe was holey, had to re-do. But now that I have done 4 toes in a row I feel like a master! Thank goodness for Knitting at KNoon - Knitting Videos to help me with kitchener stitch. Thank you Chris!

Now I have finished 2 pairs of socks, except for weaving ends and washing. What a great feeling.

Next stop, Dad’s scarf.

Holiday Angst
I had lunch with one of my print vendors today. We were talking about holiday stress and I mentioned my total lack of enthusiasm to decorate. He confessed that he dragged the Christmas decs from the attic 2 weeks ago and they are still sitting there. I laughed but felt better that it’s not just me. I wonder if it is because we start seeing Christmas decorations in late October and by now we are, possibly subconsciously, sick of them.

Even my brother and his family weren’t all excited to decorate the tree. It was the highlight of December when I was a kid. We had this awful, artificial tree for years, that would get dragged up from the basement. The tangled lights were inevitable start a fight, but it looked so restive and happy when we were done. But I really think I am going to leave the decorations where they are. Maybe a couple of poinsettias. They are always so pretty and scream Christmas.

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