Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Social Graces

Looky what I got today:

My socks from the Holiday Knits Sox Exchange. Thanks Anastacia! I love them. (Do you have a blog?) The color is great (she hand-dyed them with Easter egg coloring). How fun. She also stuffed the toes with blueberry tea and hot chocolate.

I needed the boost after a ridiculous day w/my troll colleagues. I don’t give my mother enough credit for teaching me social graces. Thank you Mom!

We had our department lunch today at Corduroy. We also revealed our Secret Santa so it’s fun outing and we get gifts.

Our boss had to leave sort of quickly because she had a meeting she had forgotten about so she paid the bill before departing. After she left I mentioned what had transpired and they all played dumb. How could you miss Norma asking for the bill, whipping out her credit card, and paying? I suggested that we not just assume that Norma would foot the bill and that we should pay for our part and offer her the money when we got back to the office. Everyone practically got their calculators out to figure what they owed. It reminded me of my college days when money was particularly tight and we did in fact pull out the calculator and run down the bill to see what you got? That’s what it felt like. What the f*ck? Pay up!

Picture me squirming, doing everything in my power not to read the these cheap sons of b*tches all the riot act. It so pissed me off.

When it was all said and done we had collected $100 for a $240 bill. With $40 of that being mine, that means that 4 people left $15. For a first course, lunch, soft-drinks, dessert, and coffee. That left Norma’s share and one other person who was still holding onto the hope that Norma would pay, like she has done in the past, at $140 for 2 people. Do the math girls.

I was so furious and disappointed. Over the past many years now, my friends and I just split the bill by how many people are there. It all evens out, it makes life easier, and doesn’t leave that awkward moment when everyone has to chip in a few dollars more because some cheap ass didn’t pay their fair share.

We all had a say in what restaurant we went to. We all knew the price range and we all agreed. If money is so tight, why didn’t we go to a less expensive place?

In the end, Norma paid, thank you Norma. But the whole incident left a very bad taste in my mouth.


Jenna said...

Wow, that's really immature. Your colleagues should be proud to be adults who can support themselves and not automatically expect others to pony up. That's just lame.

Thankfully, your socks make up for it!

Lolly said...

Your exchange socks are really cute, Sarah! I may have to try that dye technique-I have only used kool-aid.

diana said...

Great socks!

As for your story about the bill, it reminds me of a time when as a grad student, I went to dinner with some professors and some other grad students. All the grad students ordered conservatively (being on a tight budget), while the professors got a couple of pitchers and then stiffed the grad students on the bill. Ick.