Sunday, December 18, 2005

Happy birthday to me

The b'day weekend

My birthday came and went with little fanfare. Some years I do it big, others I keep it low key. Because it's so close to Christmas it takes a little extra planning. I wasn't feeling this year.

Corey and I went to the holiday market in downtown DC. It was featured in the Post last week so I was really psyched. But it was kind of a dud. Most of the booths were empty, although many of the artists and vendors there were really good. There was some interesting glass jewelry, and some knitters.

There was a guy selling felted bags so I explained to Corey how felting was done. The guy, a**hole that he was, was with a customer but piped up that his felt wasn't made in a washing machine, it was made inTibet. Whatever! So it was made in a sink with hot water and a box grater. (I don't have access to a washing machine to felt, either, buddy.) He must use that line with yuppies so you can charge them hundreds of $$$.

There were some kids from Joy of Motion performing which was cute. But all in all, I was disappointed.

We ate pizza a Matchbox because I have been wanting to go there since it opened. Nice atmosphere, the pizza was good, the people watching even better. They played good music, too, nothing like the cheesy stuff on the web site.

And then we went to see "Walk the Line" which I really liked. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon have great chemistry which is so important for a love story. So often the actors don't zing and the story is totally unbelievable.

Holiday Partying
We had out office holiday party Friday at Maggianos. It was a fun time, it always is. This year there was karaoke so my department sang (if you can call it that) "Santa Baby." We had fun with it, props, hip-shaking, the whole bit. We won our category! But I am not quitting my day job.

After a few drinks and a belly-full of Italian food, some people really let their hair down. It was hysterical.

Oh yeah, knitting
Here's the progress on my father's scarf. I am going with an 8x4 rib to keep it flat. This shouldn't take too long. I am psyched to see how the stripes come out. I used the Random Stripe Generator. It is so much fun to play with!

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Lynette said...

happy belated birthday! mine is friday and i want to keep is sooooo lowkey, i only want to knit and sleep. in that order. ;)