Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Charlie Brown is on tonight


DC Blogs featured my run-in at Books-a-Million. How cool is that? Sure made me laugh. While I was there I found info about DC's First Outdoor Holiday Festival featuring artists and a tree sale. So Corey and I are going on my birthday.

What is not making me laugh and celebrate is condo-ownership. This is when I need a husband to help with these matters. For the past couple of days I have had a strong chemical smell, like charcoal lighter fluid, in the kitchen/livingroom region of my 600-square-feet of home. Very annoying, very distressing because is seemed to be coming from the gas oven. But it definitely was not gas. I opened the windows and hoped it would pass thinking someone was doing work in their unit. But for 2 days it wasn’t passing.

I will spare you all the long, ridiculous story. I think I have solved the problem (carbon build up in my stove top and oven) but you see why I need a husband. Who is going to help me figure out what to do in these situations? I am tired of doing everything all by myself. It’s draining.

On top of all this, the pilot light in the oven is out and I can’t relight it. I hope the oven isn’t kaput. I don’t want to spend $800+ on a new oven if I don’t have to. My current oven, while terribly un-yuppy, was working perfectly.

So I haven’t been knitting much over the past couple of days.

The bright side of this is the Charlie Brown’s Christmas is on tonight. Take the quiz here!

Let it Snow
It’s snowed in DC last night. It looks so pretty. Very Christmassy. But not enough for a snow day. Boooo! The panic that any amount of snow brings to the DC metro area cracks me up. I grew up in Rhode Island where it snows a lot, so it’s not really a big deal there until it gets up to 6+ inches. But DC, Maryland, and Virginia just don’t know what to do with anything more than a couple of inches.

Chris and I went out again Sunday night and had a really nice time. We went down to the harbor in Georgetown to see the decorated boats. It was fun, I have always wanted to go. It was hard to take pictures but I thought I would share one anyway.

And then we ate at Bangkok Joe’s. Great food (if you like Thai), warm ambience, I highly recommend.

The awkwardness of last Wednesday was gone thankfully. He even said something about it, so I know I am not making things up in my head. He is very easy to talk to, tall, good looking, cultured, has table manners. A good guy all around.

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