Monday, October 30, 2006


It being Halloween and all, I thought I would share one of the scariest things I have seen in a long-ass time.

Click here if you dare.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why are so many people visiting my blog all of a sudden?

I went to the Dupont Circle Arts Festival earlier today. I even motivated myself to walk down there and back (about 6 miles).

It was a great time, I saw some really nice handbags, jewelry, fiber, paintings, pottery, and photography, and I bought a few gifts. No knitters though. That surprised me.

I don’t think the vendors who were literally blown away were too psyched. The dark clouds cleared to reveal the gorgeous sun and warm temperatures, and brought blustery wind that was knocking over stuff without warning. What a shame! Many were packing up early in the afternoon.

Red Scarf Project

And thanks to Wonkette for the mention in her blog about the Red Scarf Project. She has a lot more eyeballs than I do. When I saw the major spike in my traffic it startled me!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Send warmth and encouragement to America’s college-bound foster youth

The Red Scarf Project is gearing up again this year.

The Orphan Foundation of America needs thousands of handmade scarves to put in their Valentine Care Packages they send to parentless youth attending college. Your handiwork will truly be the personal touch in these packages and bring students the encouragement they need to move forward and graduate to a brighter future. For over 25 years, OFA has provided funding and family-like support to foster youth in transition.

Guidelines to participate are at

At the bottom of the page is a free Lily Chin scarf pattern, too.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

How could I have missed “dominant male seeking submissive female”?

I don’t usually go on and on about my pathetic dating life, but I just had to share the emails I received today.

I few days ago I winked at Bobby. He’s cute, tall, interesting, lives nearby. When I got an email response from him I was surprised because of the lack of action I get from men that I initiate contact with.

So I sent a short, cheery message explaining myself a little more, asking a few questions.

Today I got his reply with my morning coffee:

Subject: Re: Re:


Got a question. Did you see my tag line saying I'm a Dominant male seeking a submissive female?

Just wondering,


Uhh, no, I guess I didn’t.

I have to say it flustered me a little.

Dominant male? Nope, definitely missed that in your headline.

After the initial shock, a small part of me kind of wanted to play along because I know nothing about this behavior. But I don’t think I could fake it.

So I am just going to ignore the whole situation. And laugh every time I tell the story.


Later on in the day I get this little ditty.

Subject: hello sweety

how are u doing ,i'm david by name i dont mind telling me yours,
i'm looking for a serious relatioship, a person that will care for me and loves me.when i was searching i go through your profile it was really making me amazing and so good i now decided to give you message ,i will like to know you better. if you dont mind you can add me to your messenger my own user is

Mind you, anyone who starts their communication with me using words like sweety, sexy, beauty, hottie, etc. is automatically put in the hell no category. It is a huge turnoff for me.

If this is all that is out there, I will take a pass and sit on my own couch waiting for the next Netflix movie to appear in my mailbox.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Two scarves done

I finished two scarves in the past week. Just in time, it has gotten pretty chilly in D.C. I love scarves because they liven up the long cold winter.

I love these both and they are so different.

Here is Geometric Scarf from Vogue Knitting “Scarves,” published in 1999. This yarn, Schoeller and Stahl “Limbo,” is really gorgeous. It is a soft wool and hangs really nicely. I would definitely seek this yarn out again for a project.

It took me at more than a year to finish this scarf because I got so confused by the pattern. It sat for many months from my frustration. But I picked it up again in August, determined to figure it out and finish it for this fall.

I think my knitting skills were not advanced enough when I started this thing, but over the course of a year, I learned a lot and felt I understood the way knitting actually works (rather than just following a pattern).

This is Diagonal Block Scarf, also from Vogue Knitting “Scarves.” I had some yarn (Inca Wool) that I wanted to use because I love the color.

On a whim I gauged the yarn and found this scarf to try, not really thinking I would finish it because I felt like I was just playing. But the entrelac was easy to knit and pretty neat looking so I forged on and completed this a couple of days ago.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Today is the best sort of day

Today is the best sort of day.

After being tied up with work, travel, and out-of-town visitors over the past 2+ weeks straight, I have a long weekend to do nothing. And I kicked my long weekend of nothing off this morning by doing a whole lot of nothing. In fact, I am still in my pjs (at 1:05 PM ET) and might not get dressed today.

I thought about making a list of things that I have to do over the next 3 days, like household chores and grocery shopping. As much as I try, I am not a list person. My dear friend Becky, whom I have known since our first day at Simmons, is a manic list person. The excitement she got from list-making was contagious, but the bug never truly bit. At work I make lists just to remember all that I am doing. But on the homefront, not so much. I find lists rather defeating because I see all that I have NOT done.


Corey and I called a meeting of the Lonely Hearts Club** and went to see The Defeated last night. It was classic Martin Scorsese, lots of killing and blood (that looked all too fake for my liking). Corey had it right when he said there hasn’t been a good shoot ‘em up movie out in a while.

Alec Baldwin stole the show in my opinion. When he first appeared the audience laughed. I hope he is not becoming a caricature of himself. But he was very funny.

And I love watching movies that take place in Boston.


Ken and I had our third date on Thursday night. We went to Las Tapas in Old Town for tapas and some flamenco dancing. I got there first so I took a table not realizing that he had made a reservation. Well, the hostess sat me smack-dab in the front row! It was really funny. But the music and dancing was great, and it worked well for an early date because there was some entertainment. And the food was really good; the menu was a little different than Jaleo and Zatinya which was a nice change of pace. The sangria was good, too, I think they put cherry brandy in it.

I was hoping for a kiss but no dice. I drove him to his car that was parked a couple of blocks away and thought, ahh, that’s his ploy. But no. Being the son of a Southern Baptist preacher, maybe he is a little more reserved?

No complaints, though. We are warming up to each other and getting to know each other slowly. As he pointed out after date #1, and I could not agree more, we are very much a like which brings an intricate dynamic to our relationship. It can test my reactionary personality sometimes.

On the plus side, he is really sexy and smart. I guess that makes me sexy and smart, too? ;)

** Lonely Hearts Club was created, in jest, when Corey and I realized that we were spending Friday nights together and not with dates. My (male) friend O thought it was hysterical and was our first member. When I asked Christina if she wanted to join, her response was 'Why would I want together with you and all of your old boyfriends?'


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mysteries of Pittsburgh

I was in Pittsburgh last week for business and visited The Andy Warhol Museum. He grew up in Pittsburgh.

Here are pictures from a gallery featuring helium balloons and a ceiling fan. It was really fun and visitors are encouraged to become part of the art.

Overall the museum was interesting but I felt like I hadn’t seen much of his work. And the interior of the museum had that cold, grungy look that many contemporary museums have. It’s not an environment I thrive in. It reminded me of the Pompidou Center in Paris and one other contemporary museum I visited when I was there last year. It is interior design with an attitude.

But the artwork and artifacts from Warhol’s life were interesting to see, including a display case of his health and beauty products. I so wish I had taken a picture. I also did not know that he wore wigs.

I was pleasantly surprised by Pittsburgh. I look forward to going back to explore some more. On business trips there is very little time for fun stuff.


I was knitting, too, and should have pictures up soon.

I have resurrected the Sunrise Circle Jacket. When summer hit, I couldn’t face knitting wool. Too hot and scratchy. I just have the back to complete, then the seaming, and finding the right buttons.