Thursday, October 26, 2006

How could I have missed “dominant male seeking submissive female”?

I don’t usually go on and on about my pathetic dating life, but I just had to share the emails I received today.

I few days ago I winked at Bobby. He’s cute, tall, interesting, lives nearby. When I got an email response from him I was surprised because of the lack of action I get from men that I initiate contact with.

So I sent a short, cheery message explaining myself a little more, asking a few questions.

Today I got his reply with my morning coffee:

Subject: Re: Re:


Got a question. Did you see my tag line saying I'm a Dominant male seeking a submissive female?

Just wondering,


Uhh, no, I guess I didn’t.

I have to say it flustered me a little.

Dominant male? Nope, definitely missed that in your headline.

After the initial shock, a small part of me kind of wanted to play along because I know nothing about this behavior. But I don’t think I could fake it.

So I am just going to ignore the whole situation. And laugh every time I tell the story.


Later on in the day I get this little ditty.

Subject: hello sweety

how are u doing ,i'm david by name i dont mind telling me yours,
i'm looking for a serious relatioship, a person that will care for me and loves me.when i was searching i go through your profile it was really making me amazing and so good i now decided to give you message ,i will like to know you better. if you dont mind you can add me to your messenger my own user is

Mind you, anyone who starts their communication with me using words like sweety, sexy, beauty, hottie, etc. is automatically put in the hell no category. It is a huge turnoff for me.

If this is all that is out there, I will take a pass and sit on my own couch waiting for the next Netflix movie to appear in my mailbox.

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