Saturday, October 14, 2006

Today is the best sort of day

Today is the best sort of day.

After being tied up with work, travel, and out-of-town visitors over the past 2+ weeks straight, I have a long weekend to do nothing. And I kicked my long weekend of nothing off this morning by doing a whole lot of nothing. In fact, I am still in my pjs (at 1:05 PM ET) and might not get dressed today.

I thought about making a list of things that I have to do over the next 3 days, like household chores and grocery shopping. As much as I try, I am not a list person. My dear friend Becky, whom I have known since our first day at Simmons, is a manic list person. The excitement she got from list-making was contagious, but the bug never truly bit. At work I make lists just to remember all that I am doing. But on the homefront, not so much. I find lists rather defeating because I see all that I have NOT done.


Corey and I called a meeting of the Lonely Hearts Club** and went to see The Defeated last night. It was classic Martin Scorsese, lots of killing and blood (that looked all too fake for my liking). Corey had it right when he said there hasn’t been a good shoot ‘em up movie out in a while.

Alec Baldwin stole the show in my opinion. When he first appeared the audience laughed. I hope he is not becoming a caricature of himself. But he was very funny.

And I love watching movies that take place in Boston.


Ken and I had our third date on Thursday night. We went to Las Tapas in Old Town for tapas and some flamenco dancing. I got there first so I took a table not realizing that he had made a reservation. Well, the hostess sat me smack-dab in the front row! It was really funny. But the music and dancing was great, and it worked well for an early date because there was some entertainment. And the food was really good; the menu was a little different than Jaleo and Zatinya which was a nice change of pace. The sangria was good, too, I think they put cherry brandy in it.

I was hoping for a kiss but no dice. I drove him to his car that was parked a couple of blocks away and thought, ahh, that’s his ploy. But no. Being the son of a Southern Baptist preacher, maybe he is a little more reserved?

No complaints, though. We are warming up to each other and getting to know each other slowly. As he pointed out after date #1, and I could not agree more, we are very much a like which brings an intricate dynamic to our relationship. It can test my reactionary personality sometimes.

On the plus side, he is really sexy and smart. I guess that makes me sexy and smart, too? ;)

** Lonely Hearts Club was created, in jest, when Corey and I realized that we were spending Friday nights together and not with dates. My (male) friend O thought it was hysterical and was our first member. When I asked Christina if she wanted to join, her response was 'Why would I want together with you and all of your old boyfriends?'


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