Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mysteries of Pittsburgh

I was in Pittsburgh last week for business and visited The Andy Warhol Museum. He grew up in Pittsburgh.

Here are pictures from a gallery featuring helium balloons and a ceiling fan. It was really fun and visitors are encouraged to become part of the art.

Overall the museum was interesting but I felt like I hadn’t seen much of his work. And the interior of the museum had that cold, grungy look that many contemporary museums have. It’s not an environment I thrive in. It reminded me of the Pompidou Center in Paris and one other contemporary museum I visited when I was there last year. It is interior design with an attitude.

But the artwork and artifacts from Warhol’s life were interesting to see, including a display case of his health and beauty products. I so wish I had taken a picture. I also did not know that he wore wigs.

I was pleasantly surprised by Pittsburgh. I look forward to going back to explore some more. On business trips there is very little time for fun stuff.


I was knitting, too, and should have pictures up soon.

I have resurrected the Sunrise Circle Jacket. When summer hit, I couldn’t face knitting wool. Too hot and scratchy. I just have the back to complete, then the seaming, and finding the right buttons.

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Jenna said...

I love the silver clouds! My dad says that if you watch people walk into that room, they always smile. I'm from Pittsburgh, so let me know if you want any tips on what to explore.