Saturday, October 28, 2006

Why are so many people visiting my blog all of a sudden?

I went to the Dupont Circle Arts Festival earlier today. I even motivated myself to walk down there and back (about 6 miles).

It was a great time, I saw some really nice handbags, jewelry, fiber, paintings, pottery, and photography, and I bought a few gifts. No knitters though. That surprised me.

I don’t think the vendors who were literally blown away were too psyched. The dark clouds cleared to reveal the gorgeous sun and warm temperatures, and brought blustery wind that was knocking over stuff without warning. What a shame! Many were packing up early in the afternoon.

Red Scarf Project

And thanks to Wonkette for the mention in her blog about the Red Scarf Project. She has a lot more eyeballs than I do. When I saw the major spike in my traffic it startled me!

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