Friday, December 02, 2005

It's winter

My mother’s socks are done! Except for the toes which I will do when I finish the Holiday Knit

Sock Exchange. Toes are kind of a pain so I will do all 4 at the same time.

I did some shopping at the Loft this evening and one of the women who works there was oooing and ahhhing over my hydrangea scarf, saying that is looked so warm as she tried it on. She’s right, it’s great. And no wool, not scratchy! It was a really nice compliment.

Dating and other chance encounters
I met Chris on Wednesday evening, at Starbucks. This is the guy I found on Craigslist. After having a couple of really good phone conversations, the face-to-face fell flat. It could have been the crowded Starbucks, or the fact that I am the first white woman he has pursued romantically, or that I was still flustered from my encounter with the pervert at Books a Million who was trying to look up my skirt.

Yes, you heard right my friends.

I first noticed him when I was looking at the new books in the front of the store. But I didn’t really pay any attention. I then walked to the knitting books towards the back of the store and I noticed someone around but I again didn’t think much of it. But then I realized it was a man looking in the craft section. Trying not to be judgmental, I brushed it off. Then I noticed he really wasn’t looking at the books on the lowest shelf, just pretending to which I found odd. And then I slowly realized that he was craning his head to look up my skirt. I was so flustered I didn’t know what to do. I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible, not know what his reaction would be. I closed my long coat around me and walked to the next aisle where there were other customers as he walked away. I haven’t had an incident like that in a long time. How long was he following me around the store and I didn’t even notice? Then I was afraid he was going to follow me outside so I walked around the store and didn’t see him. As I was leaving I noticed the security guard but at that point it seemed useless. Horrifying. This whole thing has made me realize that I am not as aware of what is going on around me as I used to be. I guess I am comfortable in my work-neighborhood so I don’t think that there are bad people around. I don’t live in total paranoia, but as a woman in a city, we have to be aware. Maybe that’s the silver lining to all of this.

So unfortunately I was a little flustered when I met Chris across the street at Starbucks. BTW, have you tried the Gingerbread Latte yet? Dee-lish. Tastes just like gingerbread.

Over the past couple of days I have been wondering if he would call, feeling kind of disappointed. (Yes, I did email him yesterday, but I have sixth sense about these things.) But when I got home this evening there was a message. I am glad. I like to go out with someone at least twice before I give them the axe. Kidding! The first date is not a good indication because everyone is on their best behavior.

I am watching “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” tonight. Rudolph was on this past week and Charlie Brown is on Tuesday. The Grinch will round out my holiday TV shows and I will be ready for Christmas. I will sneak in “Bad Santa” for flavor!

Now get back to your holiday knitting!

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Jenna said...

Ugh, what a totally creepy incident. Gives me the chills, you must have been so distressed over that. It really does make you feel vilated in the true sense of the word. Not a good mindset to go into a date with.

Congrats on the socks! Keep on rockin that holiday knitting.