Sunday, December 11, 2005

Dad's Scarf


I started my father's scarf after actually doing some calculations for the width and length. This is new territory for me. Knitable (downloaded on my PDA) has this conversion feature that will calculate how much yarn will be needed for your project once you enter the gauge, number of rows per inch, the finished size, and needle size. I just hope I have enough of the cranberry yarn.

I also used the Random Stripe Generator, a very cool tool for making interesting stripes.

This yarn, Panache from Knit Picks, is soft and will knit quickly. It feels really warm which will be good because my father lives in Rhode Island where they just got a foot of snow. That's a lot even for them! So glad I don't live there anymore.

I know he will like it. I just hope he wears it. He is very easy to gift because he is so grateful for presents. Sometimes at Christmas he wants to wait to open some of his gifts on the 26th. My mother won't let him, though.

The B'day

I went for a massage at Cleveland Park Day Spa on Saturday. I treated myself to start celebrating my impending birthday. It was great, deep tissue, and boy did she go deep. I am sore today in my shoulders but it feels great. I hope to go for massage quarterly in 2006. It is so good for you, even if it's just a relaxation massage. I need to see it as a wellness activity, not a splurge.

Vegas Baby
Remember the drama surrounding the trip I hope to make to Las Vegas in January? Well my friend who I hope to travel with called me on Friday, but did not leave a message. What's up with that?

The last we communicated was email at least 2 weeks ago. So I guess I need to call him and at least clear the air. I went for a beer with my colleague who is planning the trip and he was getting me all excited about it again.

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