Saturday, September 24, 2005

Still in Tampa


I have gotten some knitting done on this trip, but not as much I had hoped.

Here is the progress on the Spiral Scarf.

Just a couple more rows to go. This is only 11 rows total because it is knit the long way. Never done that before. And it has 3 complete yarn over increases so it goes from about 100 rows to about 200 rows to about 400 rows and finishes with about 800 rows. How crazy is that? I chose to use circular needles to manage that many stitches. We will see what happens.

And remember Sorbet? I am plugging away at that too, row by row. It’s just stockinette at this point so it’s boring. But I am committed to it!

I have a long flight to Long Beach, Calif. on Monday so that will give me some uninterrupted time with the needles.

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Still in Tampa. Ugh. Get me home already! This trip has been way too long.

It’s really hard to eat well, I mean healthy, when I am on travel. I am stuck eating in restaurants for 3 meals a day. It gets so old. I always try to find a grocery or convenience store where ever I am. Thankfully I found Publix the other day. I ate the best peaches I have had in a long time. But I have eaten huge dinners that I don’t normally eat so I feel all bloated and full.

And this hotel has the worst cable channels. I get my cable fix when I travel because I don’t have it at home. So I fool around with cable TV for a few days and realize I am not missing a thing. Network and public TV works just fine for me.


Speaking of, yesterday I was contacted on by a guy who has never owned a TV. I am not glued to the set every day, but I like my TV wind-down time. Does he know that he is missing “Lost”!! He was a little too outdoorsy-world-traveler-SCUBA diver-anti-establishment for me. I appreciate the environment, I recycle, and avoid the chain stores, but he was over the top. He probably sleeps in a tent in his million-dollar condo in Arlington where he parks his SUV.
But then there is hot Marvin. A big black hunk of man. I thing that is more my speed. I hope our emailing continues. He seems very normal, regular, interesting, smart.

Haven’t heard from Charles in about a week. My attitude right now is that he can call me. I am quite sure his phone dials out. I am sorry things aren't working out between us but I have things that I look for in a relationship and he is not there.

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