Saturday, September 03, 2005

Home Improvement Saturday


I restarted the sock. It was a little too small. But I am pleased with how the colors are sort of

striping in this version. I think I got this yarn on ebay. I really love the colors.

A while back I mentioned a chunky pullover I saw in a back issue of Vogue Knitting. Last weekend I did some major research on yarn for the project and yestarday I decided to pull it out and make a final decision. But I couldn't find the pattern - anywhere!

I was so frustrated and annoyed with myself. So I said a little prayer to St. Anthony and let it go. (If you clicked the St. Anthony link you found a page called "Saints Fun Facts." How riduculously funny.) St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost things. Say a little ditty to him about what you're looking for and viola, miracles happen.

And what did I find among the papers on my desk that I had sorted through like 5 times yesterday but the pattern. Thanks Tony! He always comes through.

In my distress about losing the pullover pattern I started to ponder a project to take its place. I had always been drawn to Clapotis, but last year everyone was knitting it and I tend to shy away from trends. But the hub bub had cooled down and I was pretty psyched to knit it. So now the quandry is do I put it back on the someday-list or continue to look for yarn under $17.00 a ball.

Home Improvements
I own my condo in NW D.C. I was very lucky to be living in a building that converted to condo, those of us that decided to buy got an unbelievable deal. It was one of those in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time things. I have lived in this unit for 3 years now and, except for the psycho witch Vivien that lives below me, I couldn't be happier. It has been fun painting and decorating. And I replaced the hardwood floors this spring. What an ordeal that was! But it looks gorgeous especially in the kitchen where I replaced the tired linoleum with wood.

Here is my latest home improvement project. Earlier today I put up these shelves. Not gorgeous but oh-so functional. Any project that lets me use my drill is a good project. This building went up in 1920 so there are plaster walls which can be a real drag when trying to hang something. You can't do anything without a drill. And all these special screw anchors and butterfly thingamagies. There as a lot of sweating and swearing but I am 85% confident they will stay where they are.

This stuff is empowering! Go buy a drill, girls!

Hope you are enjoying the Labor Day weekend.

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Jenna said...

Ooh, you lucky DC homeowner! I'm jealous, I don't think I'll ever get to that point. Painting and redocorating must be so much fun, I love that purple wall. What kind of yarn is that for the socks, it's a great combinatioin