Thursday, September 22, 2005



I am on the road, exhibiting at a conference, in Tampa. I had a meeting this morning and had some time before I had to be in the hall so I pulled out my sock. A few minutes later, I see this woman coming my way. As she is approaching me she is muttering something and reaching in her bag. I am thinking, “Should I know this woman?” You know that feeling?

No, she pulled out her knitting, a blanket she is making for her new niece. We chatted a few minutes about our projects and then we went back to what we were doing. It was so funny!

On a side note, she had a train wreck of a diamond ring. You know the kind, so huge that you can’t help but stare. Sheesh, she must have had at least 4 carats between the engagement and wedding rings.

I think diamonds are pretty, but I am not a big fan for other reasons. My attitude was influenced after seeing an episode of Front Line (on PBS) a few years ago about DeBeers, the diamond cartel. Fascinating. The value of diamonds has been created by them. If the Russians were ever to flood the market w/their supply, diamonds would be worthless. But DeBeers controls the market, using any means necessary, therefore keeping the Russians, and everyone else, out. It’s pretty sickening, and totally laughable when you see the people who put so much importance and value on their diamonds.

And then I ran into a woman I went to college with! She is attending this meeting. That was really fun.

Other Amusements

I went exploring in Tampa today.

This is the Hillborough River and the University of Tampa. I used to be the Tampa Bay Hotel. Gorgeous, I don’t know what the architecture is called but it looks old southern. I am glad the university moved into this space to preserve it.

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Lolly said...

Interesting info on the diamonds. Thanks for sharing.

Hope Tampa was fun--we were down there a few years ago, and I liked that city quite a bit.

Take care~