Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sock Murder


(I took this picture and laughed. It looks like I have put a stake in the heart of my sock.)

Sarah, you ask, it looks like you haven't made any progress on your sock. Why are you boring me with this?

To the untrained eye that is what this looks like. Au contraire. I had turned the heal last night, and was picking up stitches to start the foot of the sock when tragedy struck. It' my boss's fault.

You see I made the mistake of reading my work email earlier in the evening. It completely stressed me out. I was trying to dodge a last minute, total waste of time trip to Seattle that was being planned for me on Friday when I was out. I love Seattle mind you, but I have so many deadlines looming this week that flying across the country for really no reason was totally flipping me out. So my mind was everywhere but my sock when I tried to remember how to pick up stitches. Along the way I had dropped a bunch of stitches and couldn't go back to pick them up so I pulled all the needles out to frog just a little.

But you know what happens when you frog just a few rows!

I got to the heal and knew I wouldn't be able to figure out what row I was on so I pulled it all out.
And then I got to the gusset w/all those slipped stitches. I knew I wouldn't be able to stop and put the stitches back on the needle.

So I had to frog all the way to the end of the ribbing!! The horror. Thanks for letting me vent.

Other Amusements
I had a great extra-long weekend. Saturday I hung shelves and then I loafed around the house, one of my favorite activities. Later in the evening I went to see "Junebug" with Ronald, my movie friend. The film was excellent, a slice of family life we can all relate to on one level or another. I saw my parents up there on that screen! Scary. But so well executed.

Sunday, Del and I drove to Calvert Cliffs State Park, Maryland. After a few wrong turns (how many signs for route 765 are there?!?) we made it to be greeted by a lovely man who took our $5.00, told us what trail would take us to the beach, and explained all the signs for 765.

After about a 2 mile walk through the woods, the trail ends at the Chesapeake Bay and a tiny little beach and these gorgeous cliffs. Much of the beach is off limits because of landslides so I have a feeling this beach is no long lived. There was a nice breeze, the air was so clear, perfect.

Monday I helped Corey move into a temporary apartment while he looks for a condo. It wasn't too bad, he doesn't have much stuff. And he is so fun, the day was a laugh a minute. I love people who make me laugh, so important.

Charles and I had dinner tonight, and hung out together for a little while. (flutter)

Dave is back from his vacation and has called twice in as many days. Chill! I need to end it with him, gulp. Not a pleasant phone call, but it comes with the territory. He is a really nice person, easy going, but I am just not feeling it. The weird part is I have a friend who he would be perfect for.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you're enjoying your week.

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Lauren said...

Hi Sarah! I found your blog through my good friend Jenna (Pink Monkey Knits)and wanted to say hey. I am your neighbor--I live in MD and work and go to school in DC ;)

Your sock looks so cool! I have caught the sock bug myself... I am making my second pair right now and loving it!

Take care~