Sunday, September 11, 2005

Correctional facility friendly


How cute is this?

I watched this silly Italian movie last night, "Ginger and Cinnamon." I didn’t realize it was subtitled so knitting last night was a little difficult. It’s hard to read the TV and knit! But I worked on my cousin’s scarf, a Christmas gift. Conclusion: I need larger needles.

And I have picked up the pink sock again after last week’s tragedy (see Sept. 6). The 70s Jacket sleeve is coming right along, too.

I have three business trips this month (ugh) so I see a lot of knitting in my future. I will be in Chicago mid-week. I was all excited about this trip because I love Chicago, until I booked my hotel and realized the part of the hotel name was O’Hare. Never a good sign. I’m out at the airport. So to make up for it I am staying a nice hotel, big room, swimming pool. Next week is Tampa. Following week Long Beach, Calif.

Other Amusements
I made zucchini bread today.

I got a new cooking magazine in the mail a couple of weeks ago, Cook's Country.

I really like it. It has tips and easy recipes. The zucchini bread came out fine, but it’s a little sweet for may taste. It called for 1 ½ cups of sugar which does seem like a lot in retrospect. I made 2 loaves so I can freeze one.

I freeze a lot of what I bake. Like if I make chocolate chip cookies I bake about half of the batter and then with the rest form the cookies on the sheet and put them in the freezer for a couple of hours. Then I can store them in a small container and when I want hot chocolate chip cookies I take a few out, let them thaw about 15 minutes and pop them in the toaster oven. Muffins freeze well, too.

Charles came by on Thursday night to watch some of the football game with me. He was reading this magazine XXL, all about the rap music world. For a 40-something, black, upwardly mobile CPA, his musical tastes lean towards gansta rap. With a little Journey thrown it for variety.

When I was cementing my musical tastes back in high school (REM, U2, Depeche Mode, The Cure, etc.), I just missed being introduced to rap. Therefore I don’t like it that much. A song here and there will catch my attention but I don’t listen to it at all. So I find it so funny that he is so into it. The first time I stayed over his place, I was half asleep and heard this loud noise that I could not figure out. Was it coming from the street? What was it exactly? As I started to wake up, I figured out it was coming from his bathroom. He was blasting the music while he was in the shower – and he was singing along. I laughed!

So anyway, he was reading this ad for a porn site called that was “correctional facility friendly.” What? Correctional facility friendly? That cracked us up. Prison must be wired.

I got my haircut yesterday so I was able to catch-up with Phuong, the lovely woman who cuts my hair. She is the cutest. Last time we spoke I had a date with R. I had a lot to catch her up on!
I told her the Charles story and she said, “If he doesn’t treat you right, I am going to kick his a**.” Mind you she is about 110 lbs on a good day, but I appreciated the gesture. She, too, struggles with being single, dating, meeting quality men. Such a quandary.

I ended things with Dave last week. I chickened out and emailed him. That is kind of the beauty of meeting people online. There is this whole new set of new rules. Like this situation. We went out 3 times so breaking it off over email was perfectly acceptable. And soooo much easier than an awkward phone call.

I am going for a walk now. Yet another beautiful day in D.C. Fall is the best season here.

Have a good evening!

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Vajra said...

omigawd! That pumpkin is tooooo cute! I am chuckling out loud. A good way to start the day.
Thank you.