Saturday, September 10, 2005

A-Rod Accessorizes


I received all the needles I won on ebay so I was able to restart the 70s jacket. My passion for sleeves, or more specifically cuffs, lead me to start the sleeves first.

I tried to take a picture of the 70s Jacket. It's a cardigan with an empire waist that ties.

All of my hemming and hawing about clapotis as made me believe I really, down deep inside, don’t want to knit it. It’s like when you are shopping and you see something you like. If you can’t decide whether to spend money on, don’t because you really don’t like it THAT much. So that pressure is off. I think it’s a really pretty wrap and the possibilities are endless with all the different kinds of yarn you can use, but I am going to shelve that idea for now. And I really like Ella featured in the new Knitty so that’s another possibility.

So I will stick with socks and my current stuff, and let’s not forget the Christmas gifts I am planning on making. A couple of scarves, a hat, some socks. I have plenty to keep me occupied. I always have a few projects going at the same time but if there are too many none of them get finished.

Other Amusements
Corey came over last night to hang out. We got dinner at Rocklands and rented “Raising Helen.” For a chick movie, it wasn’t too bad. Corey digs the sappy love story movies while I prefer what he calls depressing indie flicks and foreign films you have to read. He’s right, I do like those kinds of movies. But I reminded him how much he liked “Amelie” and he had to read that one. Even if you don’t like subtitled movies, “Amelie” should be the exception to your rule. It is really funny, cute and clever funny, French movie.

I haven’t been to Blockbuster in more than a year so I got all these coupons for discounts and free movies. They want me back! But I don’t think I will be lured. I have a subscription to Netflix which I like and I will go to Potomac Video in my neighborhood if I need a movie. They have a much better selection of the movies I prefer to watch. I am a chain-hater anyway.

So now that is September, it’s time to take baseball seriously. The Red Sox spanked the Yankees today and Schilling is back and kicking a**. He pitched into the 8th inning today.

During last year’s division series this picture was all over the Internet.

It’s nice to know that A-Rod can accessorize.

And the Patriot’s won the season opener on Thursday night so life if good.

Vajra brought to my attention that Aug. 31 was BlogDay2005 . Who knew? But I will be prepared for next year:

And thanks to everyone who has stopped by and commented!

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