Friday, September 16, 2005

Boring business trip+knitting=Progress


Look, it’s finally looking like a sock!

I was in “Chicago” for a few days this week. I was duped, I thought I was going to be in Chicago, but no, I was out near O’Hare in lovely Rosemont. Very disappointing. But I got a lot of knitting in.

I finished a sleeve on “That 70s Jacket,” too. This is knitting up pretty quickly.

I met a really nice woman on this trip, too, Marianne. She was very intrigued with my knitting. She told me she had knit a sweater one time but it didn’t come out right so she stopped. But I inspired to start again. I am going research some yarn stores in Chicago and she is going to send me some good mystery titles. She was cool, I would definitely be friends with her if we lived near each other.

I have a trip to Tampa next week, but I don’t think I will have as much free time. I am exhibiting and moderating a panel at the National Association of College Admission Counselors annual meeting.

Other Amusements
Do you play that little game w/your DVD player like I do? There are some rules I must follow so that Mr. DVD will play nice. Like I know to only use the remote, never push the buttons on the machine. If the READING command is on the screen for too long I know it will say INCORRECT DISK next. So I open the little drawer, take the disk out, turn the DVD off, rinse off the disk and start all over. Nine times out of ten that works.

My last resort is putting another disk in the show Mr. DVD that he does really do know how to do this.

Oh the wonders of technology.

I am watching “The Machinist” tonight, with Christian Bale. It’s kind of weird and creepy so I am not sure I will finish watching it. Did you see him in the last Batman movie? I had read about all work he had done to bulk up for Batman and then all the weight he had to lose for this movie. (He looks like a skeleton.) I always find that interesting when actors go to such great physical lengths for their characters.

Now I have the whole weekend to myself. Enjoy!

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