Sunday, September 25, 2005

Spiraling out of control


It’s hard to photograph the spiral scarf but here’s by best effort.

It’s really spiraling! I am in the middle of binding off but am taking breaks. The yarn is tough to work with with so many stitches on the needle. And Homespun doesn’t have any give.

If I ever do this again, I will try to find longer circular needles so the 800+ stitches aren’t as stiff and hard to work with. They got all bunched up and I had to keep stopping to pull them along to make room for the stitches I was knitting. I don’t know how long the needles I am using are, but they look like your standard length. This shot isn't really much better.

But I am excited about how it looks so far. Another gift done!

Second pink sock is underway. I think I can get a lot done on my flight to California tomorrow.

A few months back I bought some fun novelty yarn to make some scarves and hats for my nieces and nephew in Maine. Not sure what I will make just yet but it is closing in on the end of September so I better get cracking. Just another friendly reminder that the holidays are approaching.

Another point of reference of mid-September is baseball. It was a great sports day – the Red Sox won, holding onto the tie w/the Y*#@kees. Now it’s time to route for the sorry Orioles to beat the Yankees this week.

In football news, the Patriots beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh today. Cool-as-a-cucumber Tom Brady and his boys, with 1:40 on the clock, marched down the field for Vinatierri’s field goal. It was a great win even though the Patriots didn’t really show up until the 4th quarter. I think they are finally back. All cohesive and dominating. It’s bliss.

Ok, back to the girl stuff…

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Jenna said...

I zoned out a bit on that last paragraph about the football, but I did get that the steelers lost. That makes this pittsburgh girl sad.

The spiral scarf looks great! Doing it in a yarn with that much texture makes it into a whole new beast. Safe travels!