Monday, September 26, 2005

sunny SoCal

Stupid is as stupid does

So I am watching some footage from somewhere along the Gulf Coast, a neighborhood that was flooded. I have a question. Why do these people wade around in the dirty, filthy water with no shoes on? Like mother and daughter in their front yard. Maybe I am overly sensitive to wet, squishy shoes and feet. And oh yeah, disease, alligators, and snakes.

And then there’s the guy with a long metal pole, poking around at the electrical transformers and power lines. Standing in calf-deep water. Hello???

Going back to Cali

Today I am in Long Beach, CA. This is a pretty sweet trip. A bunch of us from the office are here to plan our April convention so we are being wined and dined. And I am not alone this trip!! I am staying at the Westin in an executive suite with a pretty nice view of the beach and marina. I saw my boss at the airport but ignored her knowing I would have to say hello on the plane. She's not my favorite person. But I do what I have to do to get along with her.

The Heavenly Bed is reason enough to stay at this chain. In a word, fabulous. The room is really nice, too. I used to live in a studio apartment and once in a while I would stay in a hotel room larger than my apartment! That would always crack me up. I am a sucker for a nice hotel room. Maybe that’s why. It was such a treat.

I flew Jet Blue for the first time. You have to love a direct flight to the west coast. Before take off the pilot made a joke about the wheels being checked. The cabin roared. I guess there was more tension in the air than I realized.

Every seat has a TV with tons of channels and movies for $5.00. It was a great diversion for the 5 hour flight. The highlight was BBC America. When I as in Paris in February there were a couple of channels on the TV in the hotel. The only English channel was a BBC station. They have some of the greatest shows.

Have you seen “Ready Steady Cook” (2 professional chefs and contestants have to prepare dinner and dessert with a bag of random food) or “Bargain Hunt” (contestants are given 200 pounds and let loose at an antique flea market. Then they bring their finds to auction to see if they found any great bargains. Any money they make they get to keep). My favorite is “Cash in the Attic.” Art and antique experts will troll through your house for the hidden treasures and then they get sold at auction and you pocket the money.

Don’t worry, I didn’t watch TV the whole time I was in Paris.


I made great progress on the pink sock. I just might finish this sucker before the end of the week.

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Jenna said...

Jet blue is so sweet, I watched Inside the Actor's Studio all the way to Oakland one time. I didn't have to pay anything though, hhmm...

I saw the British version of What Not to Wear a few weeks ago, it's great, they really try to delve into people's pyschology. Cable is definitely the best part about staying in hotels.