Wednesday, August 30, 2006

But of course

Napoleon was the theme last night at Majestic Cafe on King Street in Old Town (Va.). Not the French guy, but the style of food. Ironically the waiter was French, as was the girl bussing the table and pouring water.

A vendor I do a lot of work with and have become chummy with took me out to dinner. I had this fabulous fried green tomato and goat cheese napoleon for dinner and almond napoleon with gingered peaches for dessert.

The food was so great. I don't care for southern food, but I do like the updated 'southern nouvelle' that is featured at Majestic. It's much lighter, less smoky, updated ingredients and flavors.

The kicker was the red velvet cake on the dessert menu and on display at the host’s station. None of us had a piece but it made us chuckle and remember the opossum-shaped cake from "Steel Magnolias." It looked pretty nasty, actually. Red cake is not appetizing.

Summer is almost over, even though the hot weather can stretch into October. While I enjoyed my summer, it wasn’t as big as I was hoping. I always have such great expectations for the summer, and I end up disappointed.

Is it all the hype that has lead me to unrealistic expectations?

Chapter 2006 is sooo right, summer TV sucks. There is nothing worth watching on, day after day. Over the weekend I watch season three of Sex and the City on DVD. Love that show. I laughed, cringed, snickered, but after 3 DVDs, I need a little space.

I know summer is ready to be over because I am back knitting wool. I can’t get enough of making scarves.

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mehitabel said...

Summer has been the most miserable time of year for me, for many many years. Now, if I had the money and time to travel to (cool) exotic places, I might have a different take on it all. I'm so ready to start fall knitting!