Monday, August 21, 2006

People and their precious cars

I had a G-rated incident today in Glover Park. I parked, ran into the hardware store – I was there maybe 3 minutes – and when I came out a car had parked behind me, somewhat boxing me in. I cursed to myself, but no biggie, my Golf gets me into and out of very small spaces.

When I got in my car I noticed the driver of the Mitsubishi returning to her car, looking like she had forgotten something. My first instinct was to wait until she was gone again, but alas, I was starving and wanted to get home.

I put the car into R, back up very gingerly, put it in 1st and waited for the traffic to let me in. As I am sitting there, the chippy calls into my open window

You hit my car.

My reply, blood sugar dropping rapidly,

You’re in the city, get over it.

Now mind you, I felt no impact, and as a city-parker I am pretty attuned to bumping other cars to get in and out of parking spots. It happens all the time. I do it to other cars and they do it to me. Welcome to the big city. If you don’t like, don’t have a car.

If I had hit her car, it was probably my bumper leaning on hers. How much momentum can a person even get back-up about 5 inches. My God!!

I am getting your plate numbers.

Yeah, whatever sweetheart. Go back to Virginia, the land of parking lots, and stay there.

Never mind that she was parked illegally.

Sheesh. People and their precious cars. I will never get it. It’s a hunk of metal with four wheels.

Knitting (as promised!)

This is the Geometric Scarf (found in “Vogue Knitting Scarves”) I started about a year and a half ago. I got to the point where the horizontal rib started on the second half and froze. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. The pattern is very cryptic, and I was a very beginner knitter back then. So I put it away, knowing I would finish it one day.

Well that day was yesterday and I finished it today. I love the way it looks. The scarf has a nice stiffness to it and the yarn is great (Schoeller and Stahl “Limbo,” 100% superwash wool). It has a nice stretch and it is just bulky enough to make a warm scarf.

I have also started my holiday gift knitting with these socks. I bought this yarn on eBay a while back. The colors are great! Rich blues and greens.


Washington Cube said...

First of all, love the color of the blue yarn, and love the pattern on the scarf. Now for that car. You really should have rammed her. Oops. My bad.

Sarah at Advancing the Plot said...

Ha! Thank you, thank you, and believe me I wanted to ram her, and a few other things, too.