Saturday, February 18, 2006

Shopping and Sushi


Here is the progress of the spiral scarves that I am knitting for my friends I will see in March in NH. I am rolling through them really quickly. Maybe I will finish over this long weekend.

AC Moore is having a Midnight Madness sale tomorrow, Feb. 19. Save 25%! Here's the link.

Chris is still lingering. I called him to do my part to keep whatever this is limping along. (Why is he calling? He hasn't asked me to do anything so what's the point??) He shocked me this week.

So he lays it all on the line, telling me that he "digs" me, that I am hard to read (agreed), that he wants to get together when he gets back from vacation and lay it all out on the table. He even used a Clark Kent/Lois Lane analogy.

Cool. But the cynic in me is saying, Yeah, sure, heard this all before. I am hopeful, but guarded per usual.

I met an old flame for a drink after work last night. We figured out that we hadn't seen each other in a year. Sheesh. It was bittersweet, I really liked Henry but it didn't work out. I don't think he liked me as much as I liked him. And his job is his life which was problematic for me. I was really down when we parted ways which surprised me.

So I went shopping! And then got sushi.

I was instantly feeling better.

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