Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow day


I didn’t get as much knitting done as I had hoped. Do I ever? I found so many other things to do with my snow day. I felt like it was “free time” because I was stuck in the house and couldn’t do anything else. So I had to do all this stuff that I could have done any other time.

Plunking around on the Internet, I found this yarn on sale. I love the colors, especially this one

and this one

OK, I like them all!

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday searching my stockpile and the Internet for the right pattern but I am stumped. This yarn is bulky, a weight I don’t love. But the colors keep me coming back. I have considered a hat and scarf, or a cardigan like the Cutaway. A pullover sweater would be too much for me in bulky yarn. I don’t like that feeling of being lost in my clothes. I didn’t do well when the fashion was wearing stuff that was too big.

Do you buy for a pattern or buy for the yarn?

I suppose I could buy enough to make a cardigan and wait for the perfect pattern to find me. But I don’t feel right buying yarn I don’t have a use for yet. It’s like when I go clothes shopping, If I find a skirt I have to find something to go with it at the same time or I don’t buy it. How many lonely skirts or pants are hanging in your closet, waiting for a match?

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Nik said...

CutAway is very cute. I'm thinking that I want to make that one myself. It's simple but cute.