Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Pattern help


I am looking for a pattern for a sweater that looks like this:

but has sleeves. Anyone?

I am ripping out Sorbet. It’s a beautiful, sexy sweater but so impractical. So now I have 8+ balls of Rowan Cashsoft in Loganberry

I am not advanced enough, nor all that interested, in figuring out how to add sleeves to this pattern. But I am sure there is something out there.


I have said it before and here I am saying it again.

They all come back, eventually.

I can feel the nods and snickers gentle readers. You know it’s true!

Chris sent me a text message the other day, wondering where I went, hoping he hadn’t offended me.


You didn’t return my calls, remember?

(The very brief history: I met him in Craigslist in December. We went out a couple of times, had a good time. But then he disappeared. Not wanting to look over eager, or like a stalker, I have a two-call rule with a new guy. If he doesn’t return my call after I make two attempts I stop trying. Which I did.)

I replied to his text with an email because I just don’t get the whole text-messaging thang. I think I am too old. I was short but sweet, as not to scare him off even though I was a little perplexed (read: annoyed).

He called me at the office today but I let it go to voicemail. That is not a conversation for work for crying-out-loud. Then he didn’t leave a message leaving me to wonder, is he going to rely on caller ID to let me know he called?

Don’t you hate when you have evil thoughts about a person, and then they turn around and do the complete opposite of what you expected from them? Yup, that’s what happened. He sent a very nice message that he will try me later tonight.


Jessica said...

The winter IK has a ballet wrap cardigan that is similar to what you have pictured. I think they use a different yarn weight, but you could check it out.

Lolly said...

Jessica's suggestion is good - it is similar. There are several wrap sweaters of this sort...

Oh, that has happened to me before too - I have thought bad thoughts and written someone off, and then they get back to me. What gives?

So, guess where I went yesterday? I check out the rozome show at the Textile Museum! Thanks to your little tip, I was able to make it down there before my class last night. Very glad I did too - amazing creations there. Thanks for the tip ;) I will probably post about it today. I wish I could have taken photos...

Jenna said...

I just saw two that don't give as much bust coverage but are overall similar