Monday, January 30, 2006

dropped stitch? no problemo

So I was innocently weaving in my ends last night when I came across this:

A dropped stitch. Crap! And it’s like 2/3 of the way down, there is no way I am ripping this out. Luckily it's near the edge so my fix doesn't need to be pretty.

I consulted the plethora of knowledge on the Knitlist listserv for some help. Using a piece of scrap yarn, I will weave it in for a few stitches to stabilize the scrap, then stick the needle through the dropped stitch, and weave for a new more stitches. Violia, dropped stitch is repaired.

Panic is averted. Thank you ladies.

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Meilynne said...

Love your blog. Is your shrug in Smile by Reynolds? I have 3 balls of this yarn, and can't decide what to do with it!