Monday, January 02, 2006

My first FO for 2006


I have my first FO for 2006. It might be cheating because this has been sitting in my knitting basket for more than 8 months waiting to be seamed. (That’s it, just seaming. A 30-minute job took me 8 months.) So Sunday morning while watching “Meet the Press,” and sipping my decaf, I finished the sides and the other arm.

This is the Garter Band Pullover from Berroco’s “My First Project volume 2.” Yarn is Cotton Colori from Tahki Yarns, in black. It is very hard to photograph.

Here’s the garter stitch detail around the neck and shoulders, down the center, and around the cuff and bottom edge. I just realized that the sleeves aren’t the same length! LOL

It’s fun to pull this old stuff out to see how much my knitting has improved. The edges were wonky so it was hard to sew – we will see if it holds together. The yarn doesn’t have a lot of stretch to it and the gauge is too big, making this kind of see-through. But I can wear a cami underneath. I like this sweater pattern and would consider making it again. Only better as my skills have improved.

I am working on the Bell Sleeve Shrug.

The yarn I am using is much heavier than the one she used so I am playing with the gauge and altering the pattern. Last night I knitted about 4 inches and decided that the #8 needles were making the fabric to dense. Today I frogged and started with #10s. I think this will work better. I love the colors of this yarn!

I can’t believe this is happening to me! Why do all the men I have ever had a relationship with linger out there in the ether, waiting to reappear when I have done my best to get over them?

Does this happen to you, too?

Charles called me yesterday, after not hearing from him, or hearing back from him, for a couple of months. I thought that was that, it’s over, I don’t have to think about it anymore. I thought it was going to be easy to forget about him.

Gosh, I like him so much. And I can’t really explain what I find so appealing. He seems so together and “grown up” compared to me.

He sold his house in D.C. and is in St. Louis permanently, “or until a better offer comes along.” What the hell does that mean?

Of all the men I have dated, he is the only one who can talk about his feelings and what he is thinking openly and intelligently. It’s refreshing and very endearing.

We are so different in so many ways. Maybe opposites do attract.

On a completely different note, my date with Greg went well. We had a beer at Murphy’s and watched some of the Redskins game and then went to Asia CafĂ© (is that the name of it??) for dinner. He’s the oldest guy I have been on a date with (he’s 10 years older) so that was kind of weird. He looks middle aged which sort of bothered me. But he was very nice, we talked about a lot of different things.

Will this go anywhere? Probably not. I don’t think we have a lot in common, and the age thing could be an issue for me. But I will go out with him again if he asks.

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