Saturday, January 21, 2006

cell phone conversations

Overheard cell phone conversation, last night, corner of Mass. and Wisconsin avenues:

….so when you’re done having an orgasm….

Possible translations:

  • Was she talking to someone who was in the middle of an orgasm?

  • Relaying a conversation she had the night before?

  • What to say when you’re just too bored by the act?

Anyone else care to chime in?

On to safer topics. Like languishing projects.

After doing a little more work on the Jaywalker socks I started late last year but put away out of frustration/had to start Christmas knitting, I decided to frog and start over. My initial problem was that the leg was too stiff and tight but I have read somewhere to keep going. I tried on what I had done and couldn’t get it past the middle of my foot. So I swatched, like I should have done all along, and changed to #3 DPNs. Hopefully the larger needles will fix the stiffness problem.

I am meeting Shannon tomorrow for date #2: lunch and Textile Museum. I had a small epiphany recently that I really don’t give guys a chance if there isn’t that initial chemistry. Not saying that Shannon is a keeper. Just that I have a new approach.

Have another prospect. He is a self-proclaimed workaholic which worries me because that is one of the biggest issue I have with many of the men I date. We’ll see if he gets back to me.

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vibe said...

I tend to write them off too if there's no initial chemistry. I think there's a balance though. If you feel there MIGHT be potential, you give it a few dates. However, sometimes you just *know* it aint going to fly. Nothing ou can do about it. Screw it.

ps- next time if you don't wanna go, jus say no, sorry, but thanks :)