Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hooked on the Olympics


How perfect is this jacket?

Even more perfect because Interweave Knits is giving the pattern away for free on their website.

I was flipping through the magazine that arrived yesterday while watching the Olympics. (Every time they roll around I think, “Nah, not that interested,” but then get hooked.**) There are a few cute patterns - in the magazine - which surprised me because I usually don’t really like their offerings. Check that. I like the patterns, very hip and funky. They don’t fit my personal style.

The detail on this is so beautiful:

I am a sucker for interesting sleeves:

I have taken a detour on my New Years resolution to finish lingering projects to make a few spiral scarves for my college friends who I will be seeing in March. I am actually going to surprise them!

They live near each other in N.H./Maine and have started getting together for dinner once a month, leaving me so jealous. I miss them so much. So Deb and I are planning my role as special guest star at their March dinner. And we aren’t going to tell Beck, Sue, or Heather. So much fun!

The spiral scarf knits pretty quickly and I have cut the size about a quarter, casting on 85 stitches verses the 110 the pattern calls for. But it still will be plenty long enough to wrap around the neck a few times.

** Back to the Olympics

I found myself enraptured by the snowboarding half-pipe on Sunday and Monday night. Whoda thunk? I don’t ski, don’t snowboard, but these slacker Millennials had me hooked.

I love the speedskating, too. It is so beautiful to watch, the strides so graceful and powerful. And those thighs. Yikes. But that guy Chad from Texas creeps me out a little.

What has been ticking me off though, is hearing little bits and pieces of news and results during the day on the radio. How about a little warning NPR? You’re ruining it for me.

Happy Valentine’s Day. And that’s all I will say on that topic.

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Jessica said...

I too really like the Sunrise Circle Jacket and have been eyeing to make it. The yarn is on my list to get this weekend, but I'm still trying to decide what color. The orange is great, but would I really wear it as much as if it were a more neutral color?