Saturday, February 11, 2006

All flights cancelled because of rain


Here’s the progress on the 70s jacket. This is the bottom half of the body of the sweater. That little tail thing is actually the tie in the front. Here’s a mediocre picture of the actual sweater.

I was hoping for some quality knitting-on-a-plane time but that’s not happening anymore. Because of the terrible weather (eyeroll). I was supposed to fly out to LA today, on a business trip. I arrived at National to find all flights on American Airlines were cancelled, until tomorrow at 5:00 PM. Egads, it was freaking raining out when I got to the airport! I was so annoyed. So I think I am going to cancel the trip altogether. It’s not worth flying all that way for one day. I was supposed to meet up with my friend Sophie and she was going to show me sights. And it was going to be warm and sunny. Ugh. I will stop bitching and moaning now. Winter is finally here. Better late than never!

I am snow-bound now so I will get some knitting in. That’s a bright note to this annoying day.

We all (single people) have a back burner. That place that you keep people you aren’t really dating but want to keep around in case of emergency. And I know I am on a couple of back burners.

Like Henry for example. He has a brand new 6-burner cook top and I have permanent residence on the back back-burner.

We met a couple of years ago on match, dated for a while, but it didn’t work out. His life revolves around his job and that drove me crazy. He would consistently cancel our plans the day of, reschedule, cancel the day of, lather rinse repeat. I still scratch my head as his track record. It wasn’t like it was every once in a while. It was every time we had plans. But the silver lining was I finally recognized that people don’t change. So I really have to thank him for that.

He resurfaced in December after nearly to a year, around our mutual birthday. I am always so shocked when I see him in my inbox as I leave all communication up to him. So we have tentative plans to meet for drinks next week. I won’t really believe we are meeting until I am leaving the office on the way to the bar.

For the record, he has a girlfriend now. It’s too bad because he is very attractive - a big, tall, black man. Wears glasses, nice hands, good sense of humor. Dee lish.

Chris is lingering. Not sure what to do with him. He calls every few days, we talk for less than 10 minutes, and we hang up. Am I on yet another back burner?

Other Amusements

Corey and I went to see “Something New” last night. Seeing that I date mostly black men, I found it particularly appealing. Plus I am a sucker for a good romantic comedy. The movie was pretty good, although during the first 45 minutes or so I wouldn’t have been so kind. A little slow to ramp up.

It hit the high points about interracial dating, particularly the issues that arise with your close friends and family. My friends and family know I date outside of my race and they don’t seem to take issue. But it would be a little different I think if I ever married someone who isn’t white. I think it would take some people a little time to get used to the idea. But that is their problem, not mine.

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