Wednesday, March 08, 2006

a thorough blast

My weekend in N.H. w/my college friends was a thorough blast. It was so much fun surprising them! Deb and I planned this trip back in February and she kept the secret, bless her. The great thing about this group of friends is that we pick up right where we leave off, regardless of how much time has passed since our last get together.

I really miss that living in D.C. I have a few friends here but nothing like my college buds. Maybe it’s the circumstance that we all met. Scared college freshman, no one knowing anyone else. We all had one thing in common: we were freshmen in college. It gets harder and harder as I get older to make and keep friends. Everyone is in their own world, myself included.

So it is so refreshing and energizing when I see the Simmons crowd. We hung around talking, drinking wine, eating a lot of cheese, a little shopping, made earrings. Great fun. Our next reunion is the annual trip to York Beach, Maine in early June. Everyone brings their kids and husbands so it is great fun.

They loved their scarves, wore them all weekend, which was very gratifying and they really appreciated that I made them. I was frantically knitting, trying to get them all done at the end of last week. I was weaving in ends an hour before I left for BWI! And I found out on Wed. night that another friend was driving up from Conn. on I cheated and gave her the spiral scarf I made for myself a few months ago. No worries, I will whip out another one.

I started the Sunrise Circle Jacket. As often happens with my knitting, I miss count rows, miss increases, yadda yadda so I think I am already a little off. But I will keep plowing through. The knit along is very helpful already with advice from people who have started the jacket and have worked out some kinks so the rest of us won’t struggle. Check it out. I haven't posted anything yet but will very soon.

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