Monday, March 27, 2006

Bad art in Bethesda

What is with the schlock hanging in so many of the art galleries in Bethesda?

On Sunday, Corey and I recreated the Friday night gallery walk in Bethesda, thanks to a handy postcard we came across in a kiosk. I was itching to get out on Sunday and he was game so off we went.

The day was fun, but the art was so disappointing. I shutter to even call it art. None of what we saw was original, in any way.

In one gallery there was an artist whose work consisted of recreations of great works (The Last Supper, for example), substituting martini decorations, like olives and lemon twists, for Jesus and John the Baptist. OMG.

It was embarrassing. And people buy this shit which makes me even more scared.

What is with oil paintings that are numbered like prints? Now I understand the ‘10/250’ means this is print number ten out of 250 created. But bad oil paintings are being churned out, too, a la Thomas Kincaide, was all I could figure.

There were a few galleries that weren’t open, like the Washington School of Photography that we will go back and see. And another one that was closed on Sunday and had a By Appointment Only sign in the window meaning, if you aren’t a serious collector, stay away. Hint taken.

During the trek through Bethesda we stopped for hot chocolate and got to sit-in on what looked like a second date. Its not like we were eavesdropping because it was all we could do not to hear them. After checking them both out, we gave it the thumbs-down. They just didn’t look like they went together.


jenn said...

i went into the bar art gallery and was offended by cheesiness of it all. i told my husband, "so now we know where vegas buys its art"

Anonymous said...

I am a slacker! Your package is going in the mail tomorrow. We have all been sick here with the flu so I am a little behind! Will be better next month...promise!!