Saturday, August 06, 2005

Knitting on a plane

I like knitting on a plane because I get so much done! There aren't any interruptions, except for a drink or bathroom break. On my way back from RI on Thursday, the plane from Providence was delayed about an hour so I pulled out Tivoli. This has been fun to knit because I have never done raglan sleeves before. So I took it on blind faith that it would start to look like something eventually. And it did! It's like turning the heel on a sock. As I am knitting the short rows it's not making any sense. But after a few rows, viola, it looks like a heel. (I need to buy a digital camera so I can share my progress.)

When I was on vacation at my parents' house, my younger brother and his kids came for a couple of days. I knew that Madison (8), Andrew (7), and Hannah ( 3 1/2) would want to try my knitting so I brought some extra needles w/me. After asking me repeatedly to try working on my sweater and being so patient as I put them off, I relented and pulled out some circs I threw in my bag. I had read that kids don't really have the fine motor skills to learn to knit until they turn about 10 years old, but Madison and Andrew proved them all wrong! Andrew picked it up almost immediately, I was amazed and so happy. Madison is a perfectionist and got very frustrated, but came around after a little coaxing (and not wanting to be left in the dust by little brother). Andrew is going to find out if the Cub Scouts have a knitting badge. At one point he asked me if knitting was only for girls, but I assured him that wasn't the case. I hope the Cub Scouts do have a knitting badge to reassure him and keep him knitting. They were so great! I love being an auntie. They are so fearless and open to everything. I learn a lot from them.

I did not have a chance to start Sorbet in San Jose. I didn't pack the right knitting stuff, to my utter frustration because that was a long-a$$ flight. I saw "Guess Who" on the flight back. It was so funny! I watched it only to pass the time, but was so pleasantly surprised. Bernie Mac is so funny and Ashton...delicious. Rent it.

Back in May I met C. on We started dating, things were going pretty well, even though he was away literally every weekend-a huge frustration for me. He was very together, even keeled, was not afraid to share his feelings w/me, successful, educated, had interesting hobbies, good looking. But I hit my 2-month limit and started arguing w/him, blah blah blah. (I have a pattern, I KNOW.) So we broke up. I was surprised and disappointed, but this has happened before so I licked my wounds for a day and moved on, reposting my ad on match.

Well out of the blue, last week who do I get an email from but C. I was shocked. He told me he had been thinking about me a lot lately, he might have been a little hasty, he missed me. So we are going to make another go of it. The saga continues. They all come back eventually, don't they?

He knows that I am back on match, in fact I am meeting R. today for coffee in Dupont Circle. But now I am thinking about C. too much and may be loosing interest in R.

Ugh. I am so bad at this.

They queue from last week is dwindling. D. is really nice, but we are not compatible. I think he will just drift away which is fine. It happens.


KOB said...

Liked your post, good luck with the blog.

joy said...

Do they all come back eventually? I hope so...I've been telling myself that, at least. I'm looking forward to when they (okay, one in particular) do(es) because I look forward to turning him down. :-D Yes, I am aware that makes me a juvenile and immature person. But it's just this once...