Friday, August 12, 2005

Fridays off

I bought this Debbie Bliss merino on ebay recently, my favorite apple green color, and now what do I do w/it? I am thinking about a cardigan because I like wearing those in the cold weather. And this color will work well my mostly-black wardrobe - give it a little color. But that will entail BUTTON HOLES! Another first in my knitting experience.

It has been so freaking hot in DC, I can't even think of putting a wool sweater on. Aaaaahhh! I have been feeling so blech today, I think it's the heat and humidity. I have had this nagging head ache all day.

I have a date on Saturday night! I love going out on dates, they are (errr, can be) so fun. Getting all perty, eating good food, trying a new place, doing something new. R. is taking me to dinner, don't know where yet. But he has taste so it will be somewhere nice.

As opposed to no-taste-D (say that outloud - how funny am I). For our first date we met in Bethesda where there are about a million restaurants covering just about every type of cuisine known to man. But no, we go to this grungy take-out Chinese place on Wisconsin that happens to have a couple of tables. You know what I mean, there are pictures of the food in the back-lit marquee sign.

Wait, it gets better. The air conditioning is out. It had to have been 100 degrees in that place. He is sweating profusely, all over his body. The poor guy! I gave him an out when we were standing there looking at the menu but he said he was OK. I was laughing to myself the entire time we were there, like this can't be happening.

I should have known, though, when he told me he was going to take the metro from G'burg. Huh? I eventually convinced him to drive. He really doesn't like the city, and I live in the city. That, for the unitiated, is a huge red flag.

I am meeting D. (from for the first time on Sunday. We are going for margaritas at Guapos in Tenleytown. I haven't been there since I was a grad student at AU back in 1995. Egad, time flies. So that should be fun. He seems nice on the phone and email. He's a musician, plays the trumpet.

I can't even broach the topic of C. It's painfilled, makes me have to really take a long hard look at what it is that attracts me to him. Next topic.

Other Amusements
I am taking Fridays off in August so I can make summer linger. I took a trip out the the Udvar-Hazy Air Center (part of the Air and Space Museum) today, near Dulles. It was very cool. There is an actual space shuttle at the museum! And a bunch of other planes of all shapes and sizes. I don't like the Air and Space Museum on the Mall, haven't been there since our family trip when I was 15. My father wanted to visit that place every day. My brother and I finally revolted and sped off the National Gallery. I have been scarred.

Then I made my way to Leesburg, Va. for the first time. The historic area was cute, lots of galleries, food, and shops, but it was too hot to browse. I'll go back one day, though. I kind of reminded me of Old Town Alexandria (Va.) and Charlottesville (Va.).

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