Monday, August 22, 2005

And the winner is

Look what I won on ebay last night – sock yarn, for $12.50+shipping! This will probably be Christmas gifts. It’s fun to browse the yarn up for bid, but there is so much of it! I have bought a few things on ebay, like my DVD player and an old cookbook for my mother. I find it overwhelming though, like I need to have a specific thing to search for.

I brought Sorbet to work with me today, but only got a few rows done. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous the rest of the week so maybe I will go out to the Dupont Circle (see fountain at left) and knit at lunch time and watch the people. (Pic by Keith Stanley

It’s a great neighborhood – business people and bike messengers by day and a mixed crowd of just about everyone by night - college kids, gay men, yuppies, city dwellers, homeless people, and the chess players all the time. It’s funny to be there from between 5PM and 7PM. The population changes so dramatically. There are so many great restaurants and stores, definitely visit if you never have. (It has become overrun by Starbucks, though, boo hisss.)

But 'the circle' one of the reasons I like my job so much. Another reason is the 3 mile, 15-20 minute bus commute. Compared to many of the people I work with who travel an hour or more, each way (why??). I am so spoiled, I will never be able to commute again! I have noticed my tolerance for traffic is about zero.

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