Wednesday, August 24, 2005

chock full o'tomotoes


A few months ago I saw this sweater from Mission Falls and loved the colors and design. It’s a sleeveless tank and shrug (just sleeves). How cool are the flared sleeves?!

But then I found out that MF has discountinued 1824 Cotton. Ugh. 1824 Wool is available but I am not thrilled with idea of this in wool because I get very scratchy. Maybe I need to feel it before I totally nix the idea. So now I am left with finding a substitute yarn and probably changing some of the colors. I am so disappointed. But I can’t let it get me down because I really love this set.

Still chipping away at Sorbet.

And I am half-way through the increases on Tivoli so that will be done soon. Maybe even tonight! That will depend on whether I see Charles… (see Dating below).

Tomatoes. They have peaked. My garden share is chock full o’tomatoes. I have been introduced to these purple beauties. They are delicious, slightly different than red tomatoes. It’s the texture I think, firmer, smoother, thicker if you will. And the flavor is richer… hard to describe but worth a try.

So the whole situation with Charles is a quandry. I am keeping a low profile with him, letting him take more of the lead now that he is back on the scene. But that is hard for me because he doesn’t really know how to date and doesn’t know how to make plans and I really like going on dates and making plans. It is killing me not to call him and see what is happening!

So who called me today on my cell AND my work phone? You got it boys and girls. I was very happy to hear from him. I appreciate the effort he is making. So we might get together tonight, for something or other.

I am taking it slow. Because if I go into full-on Sarah mode, I could scare him off. Like I have scared everyone before and after Charles.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Henry is back now, too. They all come back, don’t they. More on him later.

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Jenna said...

That set is really cute! I'm sure you could find a substitute yarn in the same gauge, but that range of colors seems pretty unique. I hope you can find something adequate.

Thanks for the tomato recommendation, I'll check for them at the farmer's market tomorrow.