Friday, August 26, 2005

A day at the beach


I took a drive to North Beach, Maryland, today. It’s on the Chesapeake Bay, only about an hour drive from D.C. It was so lovely! A quaint, tiny beach town, it was so quiet and relaxing. The Washington Post has a section called “Roadtrip” in the Sunday paper that features day trips around the area. North Beach was the trip a few weeks ago. (The Post has another great feature called “Escapes” which are farther afield than “Roadtrip.” I have piles of them that I never doing anything with.)

There was a boardwalk with shops, a spa, condos, houses, random food, and this lovely clock. So I am minding my own business, strolling down the boardwalk wondering how far it runs along the bay when I hear, “Sarah???”

I turn to see my colleague Ellen and her husband Larry! They saw the Post article too. How funny is that.

There is some knitting involved here, believe it or not. I brought my friend Sorbet along for the trip (and Oprah). I am starting to have second thoughts about Sorbet. It is taking a long time to get just this far, and I am wondering how often I will wear such a slinky sweater. I will keep plugging away while I ponder her fate. I still think it is gorgeous, maybe a special occasion top, because I have so many of those, she said sarcastically.

On my way home I stopped to get cheap $2.66 gas. Nothing was automated, I had “Please Pay before you Pump.” So I obliged, went inside, handed the woman my credit card. When she didn’t give it back and muttered “djapumchet” I was confused.

“Excuse me?”


Gears are turning, turning, turning --- Oh, oh, oh did I pump yet.

“No” – err the sign said to pay first. “You’re going to hold onto my card?”


Uhh, why? Ok, stay calm, you’re in the country.

So I pumped my gas, get back in line behind the kid buying cigarettes and 4 quart-bottles of Miller Lite with 6 singles and 5 dollars in quarters. Stripper maybe?

Close to 10 minutes later I am back on the road. Sheesh.

Loved North Beach but that was my signal it was time to return to civilization.

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