Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I do actually knit

I have some WIPs to share. Here is Tivoli, I am probaby half-way there. The yarn is Cantata Jean cotton crepe and I really like it. I got it cheap somewhere on the Internet. It's not thick and stiff like some cotton can be. And here is the raglan sleeve detail which I think is really clever.

Sorbet is underway. (ha) I had to frog on Monday because the tiny needles (#3) were messing me all up w/the ribbing. But that was my practice run, right? The color is gorgeous, like an eggplant. It will make a slinky little top!

I bought this wool and novelty yarn in Boston, at Windsor Button Shop (downtown crossing), when I was at my college reunion (Simmons College, class of 1990) in June. I am going to make my cousin Maura a scarf for Christmas. It is Lambs Pride bulky in a deep, warm fuschia and the novelty is Shang-ri la. This Christmas I am going to be making some of my gifts so I am pretty excited. I have already finished a scarf for my cousin Erin and I am going to make my mother a pair of socks. We'll see how I progress before I commit to anything else.

And I had to share this picture, of me and my nephew knitting together. I saw my family over my vacation a few weeks ago and taught my neice and nephew how to knit. A. picked it up so fast! I could just squish him he's so cute.

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