Sunday, August 28, 2005

Frogging on Sunday Morning


Sometimes you just have to do it. No regrets.

I started the 70s Suede Jacket (from BHG “Knit It!” magazine) many months ago. Then a few months later I learned that I was knitting ALL WRONG. It was working for me, but my sock knitting teacher showed me the right way and I decided to change my wicked ways. It wasn’t easy, but I am glad I did it.

What prompted all of this was the completion of Tivoli. Now I have a hole in my knitting projects list. I have a list somewhere of things I want to make that I thought about digging up. And the anxiety of which project to do next was starting. So instead, I

pulled out the finished projects binder to see what was still hanging. The list was longer than I thought:
70s Suede Jacket
Geometric Scarf from "Vogue Knitting Scarves"
Garter Band Pullover from Berroco(all this needs in seaming, it has been lingering forever)

So why not finish up these things before starting something new and forcing them even deeper into the projects basket.
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So I pulled out the jacket. It’s so cute, a nice dusty rose color. I thought about it long and hard. If I continue I will have to revert to my old “wrong” way of knitting so it all looks the same. It’s about half-way done. Decision was made, frog it. Back to the beginning.

In the mail last week was a cooking catalog from JC Penny. Who knew they had such neat cooking stuff? You won't believe the colors you can get your next toaster in.

Like this pink Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation blender.

And this tangerine Kitchen Aid mixer.

I am a sucker for kitchen accoutrement, but must refrain from buying anything that I don’t need/don’t have room for/will use once a year. But if I ever get married, the first thing on the registry is a Kitchen Aid mixer!


Vajra said...

Yes, Sarah,the vast majority are my photos. Although the darling little kitty, Parker, isn't. She is so cute playing with her Tigger. awwwwww.

mzundercover said...

i have a circa 1950s kitchenaid stand mixer that i bought on ebay for less than $100 (which included shipping!). works perfectly and i look forward to having it for another 50 years!


Vajra said...

I have a cobalt blue kitchenaid. Love it! But Mz definitely wins for the coolest. I have a friend who "inherited" hers from her grandmother: when her grandmother died, the children were cleaning out her house, and they were going to junk the mixer. My friend said, "no give it to me." It works perfectly. And every time she uses she thinks of her grandmother.