Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fried Green Tomatoes

As a transplanted Northerner (I grew up on RI), I have been introduced to a couple of southern foods that I love. One is fried green tomatoes. I went to my neighborhood farm stand on Friday to get some veggies and they had green tomatoes. I was thrilled! So for lunch today I made them along w/another of my new favorite foods, sweet potatoes. I found a recipe for Sweet Potatoe and Ginger Salad in "Everyday Food," a really good magazine BTW. (But beware Martha Stewart haters, she publishes it.) We did have sweet potatoes every Thanksgiving when I was growing up, but they were covered w/butter and marshmallows. Ick! They are so wonderful just roasted in the oven w/a little salt and pepper. I think it's the texture and consistancy that I find to satisfying, kind of like chick peas.

I am plugging away on Tivoli. I am at the decreases, will probably finish by the end of the week. If the frigging heat continues, though, I will be done sooner. When it's this hot and humid I don't even step outside, resultinging in crazy cabin fever. Hmmm, another southern delicacy, summer cabin fever. I am used to climbing the walls in the dead of the RI winter.

Other amusements
I went to see "Wedding Crashers" last night. Hilarious! I have this little rule of not seeing comedies in the theater, but I have heard so much about this movie (and Corey didn't want to see "March of the Penguins") that I broke the rules. Highly recommend it.

And I highly recommend "Off the Map" which just came out on DVD. Wonderful story about this family that lives out in the middle of the desert and the father (Sam Elliott) is depressed. Hmmm, that is a horrible description - just take my word for it!

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